Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cops riding trains out of the city

From the NY Post:

The NYPD has begun sending teams of uniformed city cops onto commuter trains to patrol the suburban rails outside the Big Apple in a surprise move that startled MTA police brass and angered their union officials, The Post has learned.

An NYPD sergeant and eight officers -- all transit cops on overtime -- made their maiden voyage on Nov. 24, boarding Metro-North trains out of Grand Central Terminal around 6:15 a.m. heading north to Yonkers on the Harlem River line, according to police sources.

The nine officers reached their destination at around 7 a.m., took a return trip south to the 125th Street Station and then switched to a northbound commuter train heading back up to Yonkers. They then headed back to Grand Central on an 8 a.m. rush-hour train.

Each cop was paid nearly three hours of overtime, which comes out of the recent $35 million in federal funds earmarked to help defray NYPD anti-terror train, bus and ferry salaries, according to sources.

The NYPD plans to send out the nine cops several times a week on random patrols as part of their expanding anti-terror efforts and push to bolster potential targets like the regional rail lines.

But MTA police union President Raymond Gimmler said his officers don't need the help.

"I think it is a waste of resources," Gimmler said. "The NYC transit system is their primary responsibility."


Anonymous said...

Kelly really is a meglomaniac.How about keeping our CITY subway and bus lines safe?

Taxpayer said...

There's the Commissar again.

Take away police from the people who are taxed to pay their salaries, and send them to the people who do not pay taxes for NYPD protection.

He loves the middle class in NYC, remember?

Anonymous said...

Maybe there was a tip and that is what prompted this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. The trash is starting to spill over into the LIRR and Metro North. I say more cops more places.

Anonymous said...

It has NOTHING to do with safty, its all about $$ for the city.

A PO can walk into a LIRR car between Penn Station and Woodside and bust everybody having a beer after work.
-Make 20 people get off at Woodside to get on line to be written up.
Thats $3000 in fines in 10 minutes between Penn Sta and Woodside.

Mayor now says you can drink in Penn Station but not carry an open beer past the gates down to the railroad MTA platforms, cars and tracks ?

--Scam to hit Long Islanders up for money

Queens Crapper said...

Not true. Drinking is allowed on the LIRR.

-Joe said...

Don’t know what’s up with that crappy.
---in the train car its getting pretty weird.

A city cop gave me a hard time at the top of the escalator at the Woodside LIRR station.
Detained, ran my NYS drivers ID name and birthdate checking for warrents missed my 12:30AM train.
---over an open beer.
Also called me "another wise guy" from Manhasset.
The flatfoot rookie A'o beef was I didnt use the LIRR steps directly to the LIRR platforms and was the 7 train.

All the wile 100's of Muslims with packages must have borded and de-borded the 7 trains.

I had to go drink in the Irish bar for an hour rather be near all them caughing tweeds.
I was telling the bartender story, said I wasnt the only one


georgetheatheist said...

-Joe. You walk around in public with an open can of beer?

-Joe said...

No George
There a mini mart like thing on the corner feet from the Woodside LIRR steps.
It was in a paper bag. I cracked once up on the platform by the ticket machine.
That would be at the top of the upper steps of LIRR platforms 1 & 2 --just below the 7 train tracks by the big glass windows and forever broken elevator

Anonymous said...

Joe, that area is still part of the Woodside/61 Street mezzanine for the 7 line, and subject enforcement by the NYPD Transit Bureau. You aren't allowed to drink up there.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if you are on a lirr statio.The station is still in nyc,you can still get a tcket.

PizzaBagel said...

I'm irked by the cop's remark that Joe is "another wise guy" from Manhasset. So much for CPR -- Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.

Anonymous said...

I'm irked by the cop's remark that Joe is "another wise guy" from Manhasset. So much for CPR -- Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.
A. Was it REALLY said, or is Joe just embellishing the story a bit?
B. If it was said, then under what context was it said, and what might have been said by Joe beforehand.
C. What the hell does it mean?

Anonymous said...

Whoa....Metro North runs through Harlem.

Aye there's the rub!

Afraid of a "Black Muslim" or "Black Panther" resurgence?

Anonymous said...

Now NYPD neighborhood response time gets worse.

NRA all the way....because
the cops are slower than a speeding bullet in a real emergency!

Anonymous said...

NRA all the way.

Agreed but you can no longer buy bullets anyplace they are all sold out since the Obama election.
The factorys cant roll them out fast enough.
Cops are no longer allowed to be COPS in the city. They get fired if they sway from the days orders

Anonymous said...

Response won't get worse,they're on overtime.It is the crv(critical response) that takes 1 car from every pct everyday.You've seen it if you go into manhattan.8or 9 cop cars flying through the streets with lights and sirens,smoke & mirrors for the tourists.

Joe said...

This gray mezzanine area is BS !since there is a LIRR booth and machine up there compleate with all the little color fold up sceds!
They perhaps need to put lines on the floor how are people to know ?

If it makes a difference the city cop that busted me was around 60. Real nasty Italian guy who didnt like my opinions or jokes.

Most these older guys would only laugh something like.
"just dump it out and get going before I get agita"