Monday, December 7, 2009

City has PLENTY of money - for parks in Brooklyn!

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg is ramping up his bid to wrest control of Brooklyn Bridge Park from the state with a plan to kick in $55 million - and delay controversial plans to build luxury housing.

The city would commit $55 million right away to finish building the troubled waterfront park, which faces a $120 million funding gap and an uncertain future.

City Hall would eventually come up with the rest of the cash to finish the park, sources said. The proposal is set to be unveiled at a community meeting tonight.

Controversial plans to build 1,200 luxury condos in the park would be put on hold for a few years, sources said.

City officials would consider scrapping the condos altogether if they could find a way to replace the fees.

Condo opponents said the plan gave them hope the housing might be called off.

The plan depends on striking a deal with Gov. Paterson.

St. Saviour's, Travers Park expansion, Klein Farm, Cornell Farm - nope! Sorry, there's no money for parks in Queens neighborhoods - go raise it yourselves, kiddies! Fixing up the ballfields at Highland Park? Nope, no money for that, in fact the budget for the Ridgewood Reservoir was slashed by more than half.

But for the Brooklyn waterfront Bloomberg's ass turns into an ATM machine.

This is simply OUTRAGEOUS.

(Notice also how this is in the "real estate" section of the paper.)


Anonymous said...

Not that i like the idea of more money going into this, but i DO like the idea of taking control of it from the State.

State run parks are a pain in the ass, and they have no business being in NYC. They already made that mistake with the park a little further up the east river. Too many rules, regulations, limitations, bans, bad hours, etc, etc.

They just don't understand that parks are to be USED, not just looked at.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Crappy, how about the waterfront park that should be over the brownfields of Newtown Creek and up the East River?

Does western Queens not register on your radar?

linda said...

why doesn't anyone look into bloomturd special interest in this. how about looking into all his investments and finding out how he became a billionaire while the rest of us common folks are on the unemployment lines. another four years of this man's bs and more time for him to make billions..

Steve Behar said...

The M-1 zone in the Station Road area of Flushing is another prime example of an area that should be converted to parkland!

Anonymous said...

Parks are great, but we have other problems right now that are in my opinion more important. Let's put a moratorium on park spending for a bit and use that money for some infrastructure like our roadways and bridges.