Friday, December 11, 2009

City cracking down on toy guns

From the Daily News:

City officials are launching an ad campaign as part of a crackdown on illegal sales of realistic-looking toy guns.

Public service ads will be posted on buses and subways throughout the city featuring a red gun and a black one and will ask the question: Which is real and which is a toy?

In addition, fines for selling illegal toy guns will be sharply raised from $1,000 maximum per sale to $5,000 maximum for a first offense and up to $8,000 for repeat offenses.

A third conviction in two years could also padlock a store for up to five days.

City laws require toy guns to be painted bright red, yellow, blue or similar luminous colors, but criminals have taken to painting real guns in bright colors to disguise them, which is also a crime.

The red gun in the public service ad is the real one.

Officials said the black toy gun in the ad can be just as deadly if mistaken for a real gun in a confrontation with police, officials stressed.


Anonymous said...

The 9mm Glocks most cops carry are about 90% space age plastic easy paint over job.

Anonymous said...

I was happy at first when I saw a pic of a guy pointing a gun at Quinn

-Joe said...

This womans more of a danger for holding a gun with 2 fingers like that.
Toy or no toy, she may as well be pointing at sombody the audience.
If that were a 2-1/2+ BB gun it could have fallen, went off and took out someones eye out or foot