Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bloomberg sticks his nose into Massachusetts senate race

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg has dispatched the head of his get-out-the-vote operation and a team of top aides to Massachusetts to push for votes for a candidate who hopes to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the Senate, The Post has learned.

About a dozen operatives shipped out in recent days to support Democratic hopeful Alan Khazei, who is running in today's four-way special primary election for the chance to assume the storied seat.

The Bloomberg operatives are covering zones statewide, with door-knocking and phone- banking.

Bloomberg has also hosted two events for Khazei, raising about 15 percent of the campaign's cash overall so far.

The endorsement:

"Massachusetts has big shoes to fill. Our country needs someone with an amazing record and new, bold ideas that can move the country forward. I know Alan is that person."



Anonymous said...

If he'd only known that Teddy was gonna kick the bucket, he could've run for that seat and not bothered tampering with term limits. He's not a real New Yorker anyway.

What Blooberg BS! Can you post the picture of that bull again?

Anonymous said...

Alan Khazei came in third place in the primary. So much for Bloomberg's dream team of campaign workers going to MA. Maybe Khazei would have come in 2nd place without the help.

Anonymous said...

Will not work. You have to go far and wide the find doormats like you have in this city.

This never works when they leave their home district.

For example, look how far Vallones got in eastern Queens.

In western Queens they hail them as community activists and defenders of the community against development (oh yes, check out the Norwood gardens rally, seeing is believing)

You can get away with that in duh-ah Astoria - but not anywhere else.

Taxpayer said...

Well, Commissar Loser has no control outside of NYC.

He picked another loser.

Who else spotted that he, the great Republican savior of NYC, picked a Democrat to save Massachusetts.

The loyalty this Commissar inspires.