Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad apple gets big payback

From the NY Post:

One of the city's top overtime earners was bounced from his job 11 months ago -- but continues to collect his $57,000-plus annual salary while on extended sick leave, The Post has learned.

Moustafa Fawzy, the Department of Environmental Protection's director of hazardous materials, called in sick immediately after he was demoted on Jan. 21.

Officials said Fawzy had accumulated 46½ weeks of unused sick, comp and vacation days under the city's generous policies, enough to keep him on the payroll -- without his having to report to work -- until Dec. 16.

As a 21-year employee, Fawzy was entitled to 12 annual sick days that could be carried over year after year.

His medical condition wasn't disclosed.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that we the people are paying MUSTAFA a sweetheart deal. Did NYC Gov. ask for a doctor's note to confirm his use of sick time is legitimate?

If this is not the case but rather a function of tradition and practice, then at negotiation time with all and any union be an item to address to reclaim for the people's side.

What does a MUSTAFA do anyway for this princely salary?

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the many reasons why the city doesn't have any money. There is no reason to accumulate sick days. City employees amass unlimited days and can stay out of work for months. The city should adopt the "Use Them Or Lose Them" policy, just like private enterprise. If you don't use your sick days by January 1, you lose them. Can you imagine how much money the city would save? It would be less record keeping for Human Resources. Hey Mayor Mike, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

Accumulating sick days is perfectly legitimate since it keeps people from taking bogus sick days so they don't "lose" them.

On the other hand, sick time has to be documented. The only reason to take such a huge block of accumulated sick time is a provable disability.

Anonymous said...

Not to defend the shit-bag, but taking long vacation time is actually better off for the company in terms of efficiency.

When someone is gone for a day or a week, little chance his.her work gets re-assigned. It just site there not getting done till they get back.

Long-term leave, say a month or more, his/her duties will be redistributed, and life in the office goes on.

Anonymous said...

The Post and Fox can make anyone look guilty. That's there job - to sell papers. Since when is 57K alot in NYC for a college graduate after working for 20 yrs? The City requires the documentation of sick leave beyond a few days.