Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 Pointz will close for good

From the Queens Gazette:

Faced with mounting demands by city officials calling for major repairs at the 5 Pointz building in Long Island City, the owner of the graffiti-covered property has decided to shutter the site and walk away for good.

A spokesperson for G&M Realty, owner of the 90-year-old building said inspectors for the Department of Buildings (DOB) produced a list of repairs that must be completed in order for the site to reopen. Repairs included restoration of the facade, fixing indoor safety violations and removal of all outdoor staircases at the site at 45-46 Davis St.

The DOB issued a vacate order for the 5 Pointz building in April after a tenant was crushed beneath an exterior staircase that collapsed. The city slapped G&M Realty with a $13,000 fine following the collapse, charging the owner with failing to maintain the building.

G&M had been fined previously by the Department of Buildings for failing to secure permission to turn the former factory building into a series of art studios.

The G&M spokesperson said most of the repairs had been completed, but DOB is “still not satisfied”. Building inspectors who returned to check on progress of the repairs were never satisfied, the spokesperson said.


georgetheatheist said...

Good. Maybe this will end the absurd notion that graffiti is "art".

"Ream U" said...

by George!

Only the indoor artists' studios are closed.

The exterior aerosol art on the building's exterior will continue with the owner's permission.

One of our artists will gladly spray paint a rockin' mural on the rock you live under!

Anonymous said...

Graffiti is illegal vandalism "George"...but beautifully detailed, intricate, high quality spray painted murals...done with the owner's approval...IS AEROSOL it or not!

That's what the art critics of the New York Times, etc. have already concluded.

So go and take it up with these people in the wannabee electronic soapbox Napoleon.

By the of the "5 Pointz" artists just got 5 grand for painting a mural which took her only 2 days to complete.

I'll bet that's more than you make in 3 months George.

Methinks that the green eyed monster
(jealousy) has got you by the balls (hard to find though).

Nobody expects you to understand any of this judging from all of the narrow minded bigoted posts you've "contributed" to this blog site.

Your sarcasm can't mask your general stupidity!

georgetheatheist said...

Methinks I touched a nerve.

georgetheatheist said...

The critics of the NY Times review rap concerts as well. That's the absurd notion that rap is "music".

Graffiti and rap: two peas in a pod. Just scribbling and rhythm.

Anonymous said...

How is the women who went hurtling through the air doing? This could have been Triangle Shirtwaist, the Sequel, yet we spend our time worrying about whether graffiti is art.

If people have permission to write their, they've done nothing wrong, regardless of whether the art is to your taste or mine.

But creating a situation where people are slaughtered can never be condoned.

Anonymous said...


One of the things I like most about this blog is the intelligent discourse offered by the users...

"Aerosol Art" a PC Term for vandalism.

Anonymous said...

How soon can the new condos in this space be built?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

as long as the exterior art work will continue i am happy. everything in that area is so drab, sad, gray, why would anyone not like the murals. and of course, some are better than others, but once again, compared to the sad state and look of the area, i would choose color anytime!

"Ream U" said...

George you tripped on your own dick...not touched any of my nerves.

How that's possible without using a magnifying glass...I don't know.

Oh...and thanks for the wealth of other useless info you prattle here.

You must be desperate to see your name on screen....that lonely...huh?


Anonymous said...

2 posts in a row by "Georgie".

Somebody surely touched his nerve for sure!

someone who knows said...

There are no condos scheduled to be built.

georgetheatheist said...

The goats bleat, the donkeys bray, the curs snarl and howl. No matter. The GtheA caravan moves onward.

Aside to the readers, as H.L.Mencken said: it's so much fun, a thrrrrill, to go into the barn at night and scare the animals.

Anonymous said...

Luv ya have nothing to say...but you say it so well!

At least it sort of sounds that way.

By the way...have you got rhythm...the kind your significant other likes?

your old high school teacher said...

There once was a fellow named Merkin...who was always jerkin' his gherkin.

H.L. Mencken?

We're all so impressed by how you've grown up to be such a well read lad.. George.

classmate-("partner") said...

C'mon George....don't let old "teach" get away with that.

Middle Village Idiot said...


You mean as in Captain Edward...Blackbeard the pirate?

No I think it's spelled Teech but maybe I'm wrong.

Spelling was never my forte.

W.S. said...

Those last posts are as cryptic as George's.

Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think that George enjoys slumming on Queens Crap.

I mean a man (or a woman...who really knows which sex George is) of "superior" intellect wasting his time here.

Maybe lording it over "inferior" beings like us gives him a thrill.

Anonymous said...

Let's get back to the issues.

It looks like "5 Pointz" is here to stay.

Too bad Don "junior" Peter Vallone!

Mafioso politico!

Joe said...

I passed that building July 4th and didnt see any high quality spray painted murals.
Art my ass, those amatures couldnt work a $20 airbrush
It was all ugly bubble letter graffiti packed together like paisley print.
The EXACT same crap I saw on the subway trains in the 70s.

Perhaps the owners are crazy and belong in Creedmoor.
Id make that loft apartments for real working artists, photographers and set makers really who need that space

georgetheatheist said...

Joe (or is it -Joe?). It's amazing how great minds think alike. Aerosol "art" my ass indeed. It's doodling writ large. The only thing missing are the Crayola crayons.

Challenge to the readers. Name one piece of great aerosol "art" comparable to the Mona Lisa, the Birth of Venus, or even the oeuvre of Norman Rockwell. The pen and ink drawings of Koko the Clown are vastly superior.

Joe said...

Same Joe George
My baby niece created better "art" when she threw up her fruit loops.
---That's what most of that stuff on that building looks like.

Wasnt that the old Gretsch guitar & amplifier factory ?
What a disgrace to a building that once cranked out masterpieces.

Aerosol art---Pfffft!
I guess these 'artists" call Rap "music" LOL

Gary the Agnostic said...

georgetheatheist said...
The goats bleat, the donkeys bray, the curs snarl and howl. No matter. The GtheA caravan moves onward.

Aside to the readers, as H.L.Mencken said: it's so much fun, a thrrrrill, to go into the barn at night and scare the animals.

Saturday, December 05, 2009
When their inside me where its dark
I walk around like Noahs Arc
I stuff my tummy like a goop
With animal crackers in my soup

Animal crackers in my soup
Do funny things to me
They make me think my neighbourhood
Is a big menagerie

--Shirley Temple

georgetheatheist said...

" of the '5 Pointz' artists just got 5 grand for painting a mural which took her 2 days to complete."

"A fool and his money are soon parted." - Thomas Tusser (1524-1580, English poet and farmer)

Gary the Agnostic said...

Money cannot buy you happiness, and happiness cannot buy you money. That might be a wise crack, but I doubt it.

--Groucho Marx

JO said...

George, people like you make athiests seem like insensitive, ignorant pricks. it sucks.

georgetheatheist said...

In your case the ignorance shines: AthEIst not AthIEst.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Atheism: the religion devoted to the worship of one's own smug sense of superiority.

--Stephen Colbert

Klink Cannoli said...

"Let's get back to the issues."

Screw that. georgetheatheist is much more entertaining.

And right.

Anonymous said...

Heres some articles on art you might check out for those that question this art.
That is a drab and grey area like most of Queens has been for over a hundred years. Besides that the building has the 7 train and LIRR beihind it wrapping around the building. All the various arts are not made for every single person.

georgetheatheist said...

Paco Rosic is copy-cat illustration. The other stuff is zig-zag doodling.

Anonymous said...

Well thats great George you dont care of art using aerosol cans. Thats not doodling by account. Some of it is very intricate and difficult to do just as painting's.
What do you like for art? Text book art, coffee table, arm chair art?.

And Joe the old Gretsch Guitar factory was 60 Broadway in Williamsburg years ago in 1972. Theres maybe still one factory in the U.S. and one in Japan. In 2003 Fender was sold the remaining company.

georgetheatheist said...

Paleolithic cave drawings.

german said...

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