Tuesday, October 1, 2019

City turns controversial College Point homeless shelter to house women only.


Flushing Post

The highly contentious College Point homeless shelter on 20th Avenue will open this week, but instead of its original plan to house 200 single men the shelter will now be home to 200 single women. 

Local elected officials, who announced the change Monday, viewed it as a positive step, although far from ideal. The shelter, which has been the source of great protest, is slated to open Wednesday.

In December 2018, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) first announced that a new 200-bed shelter for single men would open at 127-03 20th Ave in October. Since that announcement, elected officials and community members have objected to its opening, organizing petitions and rallies to highlight their misgivings.

Critics have argued that the site is too close to schools and residential neighborhoods, yet not close enough to adequate public transportation options. They also argue that the area is already unfairly burdened by a large number of public services. 


Anonymous said...

Like a all women's shelter is any better. Remember the fancy boutique hotel (The Verve) in LIC and all the problems there when it was turned into a all female shelter:


Let's stop making out that homeless folks are not problematic and are all mothers who fell on hard times with cute kids. The majority are problematic with an array of issues that are not being addressed since homelessness became big business.

Anonymous said...

They get the women, Glendale & Middle village is getting the men as payback for being a bunch of pain in the ass racist white people.
The mayor and city council is sending them the worst of the worst, including Illegals to break the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

It’s not the homeless women that bring the neighborhood down.It’s the boyfriends and multiple baby daddies that ensures crime will rise.

Anonymous said...

That's what it's all about- breaking the beighborhood. They're doing it for the same reason that they are sending bus loads of Nigerian refugees to Portland Maine. And the same reason that they do transgender story hour.

Subversion and demoralization is the POINT of it.

Anonymous said...

College Point is already an extension of Corona and the Junction Blvd area, look at the demographic!

This could have been a beautiful area with waterfront amenities, could have been an extension of Malba or Whitestone but sadly it is a downhill neighborhood. From the Asian overdevelopment in such a bottleneck area to the homeless shelter, it is officially a not so nice area that will end up bleeding on Whitestone, Bayside and struggling Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Will the women have to be women biologically, or as Joe Biden prefers, it just has to be what they "identify as"? Can a tranny get in there?

Anonymous said...

" payback for being a bunch of pain in the ass racist white people. "

As a homeowner in Glendale I am not white or racist. Handwork can get you the right to live anywhere you choose. Glendale does not have 200 homeless men, period. I've lived here for 15 years and have seen 1 well known to the neighborhood who suffers for mental issues, not criminal issues.

This city needs to stop painting the homeless as people down on their luck.
When the same homeless won't stay in the shelters because the are afraid does that tell you these are well behaved individuals? If they are of no concern why does the site call for 70 guards and multiple cameras at the Glendale site??? Because they need to keep the workers safe but don't give a shit once they are in the community. They need to pay for private staff to keep a 5 mile area around this site monitored. Why destroy a moderately safe neighborhood to bring it to shit is beyond me. These men will not be from the neighborhood, Its catering to the democratic vote!! period.

Anonymous said...

For the time being

Anonymous said...

...they will each come with 3 or 4 babies abandoned by their “fathers”.

M. How said...

Anonymous wrote: ". . . Why destroy a moderately safe neighborhood to bring it to shit is beyond me."

It's the Plan Man!
It's not only about votes but it is about neighborhood gentrification. Dumblasio is doing this all over Queens. Chase out the established businesses that neighborhood people have patronized for 50 or more years to rip down low rise buildings and let REBNY put 20 story apartment houses in their place. How do you do that? Put in bike lanes that take away parking so businesses go bankrupt. Landlords are forced to sell at bargain rates because no new business will survive there anymore.
So how do you destroy a moderately safe neighborhood? Bring in homeless housing, raise property, sewer, water taxes and make it uncomfortable both psychologically and economically and before you know it, everyone is fleeing.
It used to be called block-busting.
The only ones losing are the homeowners who have put lots of years, sweat equity, time and money into improving their property only to find that in the future it will not be worth the hassle.
REBNY and Dumblasio and his cohorts make out like bandits.
The little guy loses big time.
Now they will build a 42 story prison to make life more hazardous as well as hike up property taxes to pay for this boondoggle.
Very sad but this is happening all over Queens.