Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parks responds to Ozone Park arboricide

Service Request #: C1-1-954854180
Date Submitted: 04/04/14 7:27:54 AM
Request Type: Illegal Tree Damage
Details: Unauthorized Tree Removal
Your Service Request was closed.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has corrected the condition.

Would someone please head over there and let me know what the "correction" was?


Anonymous said...

I will check in the morning .

J said...

correction-a melinda katz style stern letter?

owner gave inspector some coupons for papa john's and sneaker corner?

Anonymous said...

They got their money for a fine they issued.....that's all that ever happens. The city doesn't do anything to property violators.....that's the reason why Queens looks like a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Join the club. This is common practice with almost all 311 complaints. Did you expect anything different.
Wake up people

Anonymous said...

I have found that you have to lodge at last 3 complaints under different names before anything happens. (it helps to have an armada of fake email addresses to use for their forms)

Trilby said...

Someone cut down a gorgeous branson pear tree on my block, in the strip between the sidewalk and the street. Of course I suspected the homeowner and complained via 311 to the Parks Dept. In like 2 seconds, they reported that it was investigated and was cut by the Parks Dept. Case closed. Why would the Parks Dept. cut down the healthiest tree on my block. I'm still angry about that. I think it's a lie.

Anonymous said...

Then find Trilby. Ask parks, tried emailing them? If they won't say, file FOIL requests.

Anonymous said...

I has reported this as well and got an email back yesterday that said they investigated, there was no problem, and the case was closed. Uh, what?

Anonymous said...

"Someone cut down a gorgeous branson pear tree on my block,
... complained via 311 to the Parks Dept.
....cut by the Parks Dept.
....Why would the Parks Dept. cut down the healthiest tree on my block."

I believe you meant Bradford pear.

Bradford pear trees are a variety of callery pear that were planted extensively in many urban areas about 20 years ago.

At first, they seemed like the perfect urban tree because they grew fast, had pretty flowers in the spring, nice foliage in the fall and could withstand many different urban stresses.

Unfortunately, it was learned later that once they get above a certain size they tend to break easily in the wind because of a relatively weak branching structure. (Apparently this can be remedied early on with proper pruning but c'mon, how often does this city maintain things?)

Since then other varieties of callery pear have been planted that still have the nice flowers and foliage but don't tend to break as easily as they grow larger.

Anonymous said...

The city awarded the property owner with Citizen of the Year Award for removing the graffiti from their wall.