Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why Asians love Bayside

From NY1:

On Bell Boulevard, there are signs that the demographics in Bayside are changing. Whites still account for the majority of the residents, but census numbers show that the Asian population has tripled in the last two decades.

In 1990, the number of Asians living here was a little more than 5,000. Today, it's around 15,000, according to census estimates.

There are 10,000 Chinese and Korean residents here, and while their population is on the rise, the number of white residents are declining, according to Census estimates from 2008 to 2012. There were 30,000 white residents in 1990. Today, 21,000 live here. Many are not only leaving the neighborhood, but the city as well.

"Cause it's so expensive," said one resident. "It's crazy here. My day will come."

So what's the draw for many Asians? Most say it's the neighborhood's high-performing school district and the after-school programs in the area.

The other part is the beautiful homes and quiet tree-lined streets.


Ned said...

"Quiet tree-lined streets"
Oh not for long crappers and crap'etts. Asians hate trees and anything that need maintenance like sweeping, trimming or cutting grass.
Bye Bye trees !!

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in Bayside, I can only agree with your description of the area.As for the Asian angle,its well known.The impetus gor the story, perhaps an attempt to stir up some xenophobia or lingering resentments is unclear at the moment, though the possibility is duly noted.

flop lop said...

Asians started coming into bayside / Oakland gardens in the late 70s. by the early 90's there were many blocks that had nothing but Asians. also they bought many of the local business's from whites and converted them into there type of stores complete with signs in there language. now, when I go back to see my mother she is the last Anglo left in a sea of Asians who are very clannish and not the best of neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Greeks and Italians are the bigger criminals when it comes to teardowns and arboricide in Bayside. Asians do it elsewhere, but it's still those with "new money" doing it in Bayside.

Anonymous said...

Well my part of bayside didn't have a lot of Asians in it when I was growing up in the 70s-80s in bayside. I grew up on a street with many nice black people. Those black people sold their homes in the late 90s -early 2000s. I've never really seen any Asian people living in bayside (atleast not in my area), the only time I would ever see a lot of Asians was in flushing and even then flushing was much different then it is now. The Asians like bayside because it is close to flushing and all those Koreans left out of flushing because all the Chinese moved into flushing. So the Koreans moved east then the Chinese finally realized that they can coincide with the Koreans so they started to move into bayside. The Koreans have learned that they can get away with breaking zoning laws in bayside then set up churches on every single block then buy up houses just to house their congregation members. The other Part of it is "new money Asians" who just.came off of the planeed because they finally got their USA visa or came into america through their family. The government really needs to halt immigration for a while because it really is getting out of hand. To top it off, there are way too many old people who are moving here, we really don't need more eldery.

Anonymous said...

Wait Bayside, ten more years and you will see the Asians multiple right before your eyes. You will be amazed on how fast it will happen and you will be the minority in your own neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The houses can be carved up to house the restaurant workers who are desperately working of the tens of thousands of dollars ransom borrowed from their families to get here to be delivery boys or bus boys. The properties are perfect for teardowns and yes as neighbors they seem quite but they don't wish to be observed in their activities. Not the houses with the bars are owners with cash businesses who hide the $$ under their mattresses and hope China gangs don't break in to collect tributes owed and trash their homes. Last - yes Chinese people hate trees, greenry and like all new everything despite the glaring cheapness look - it's like a Chinese man's haircut - did you ever see a good one (paid)?

Deke DaSilva said...

The impetus gor [SIC] the story, perhaps an attempt to stir up some xenophobia or lingering resentments is unclear at the moment, though the possibility is duly noted.

So let me get this straight:

White people noticing Asians moving into Bayside = Ray-ciss

Spike Lee noticing Whites moving into Fort Greene and making idiotic comments in public = Astute observations, speaking truth to power, brilliant social commentary, etc. etc.

OK, I got it!

Jon Torodash said...

The anonymous xenophobia in this thread is fuel for the "Archie Bunker" quips made about this site. From the article,

"So what's the draw for many Asians? Most say it's the neighborhood's high-performing school district and the after-school programs in the area... The other part is the beautiful homes and quiet tree-lined streets"

Is this so terrible?

Deke - Spike Lee's recent comments are indeed simpleminded and hypocritical. Think he'll donate royalties from "Do the Right Thing" to a community preservation fund?

Anonymous said...

Immigration, legal and illegal, is destroying this city. Why are city schools so overcrowded? Could immigration have anything to do with it? The Democratic political hacks who run this city (into the ground) want poor, unskilled and aged immigrants for their votes. These politicos suck and should be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

Oh God forbid people should want to come to New York City to raise their families and not be white. And you people wonder why you're all called racists.

Truly awful people.

Anonymous said...

"Truly awful people."
Why for observing the destruction of your homeland by uncontrolled immigration designed to enslave the working class. Wake up and open your eyes America is falling from within !

Anonymous said...

"Why for observing the destruction of your homeland by uncontrolled immigration designed to enslave the working class. Wake up and open your eyes America is falling from within !"

No, for painting anyone who doesn't look like you with the broad brush of insinuating they are part of some evil plot just because they exercise their God-given right to buy a house in a nice neighborhood.

georgetheatheist said...

I keep telling youse: it's not racism.

It's astute sociological commentary.

University PhD graduate sociology students working "in the field".

Queens Crapper said...

I doubt many care about people who don't look like them buying a house in a nice neighborhood. It's more that they get pissed off when people come from elsewhere, tear down the nice trees and houses and put up crap that triples the population of the block and strains services for everyone else. Get it?

Anonymous said...

So show me a formerly-white/now-Asian majority Queens neighborhood where (a) the appearance of the neighborhood has improved, (b) newer houses are more attractive that the ones torn down (c) there are more trees and grass than before or (d) fewer people on average are living in a house?

Some of this involves law breaking such as tree-killing and the conversion of two-families into eight or ten "apartments", but most of it is just different values and attitudes that anyone with eyes to see can observe. I can understand the resentment.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang...fronting through his son Henry....f----d up Bayside on (I believe Mia Place). So tell me about xenophobia. Is ne not Asian?

Torodash...UR missing the point. This IS pure sociological observation!

Archie Bunker, my ass!

And, yes...Greeks and Italians ALSO hate trees!

Now, buzz off!

Anonymous said...

Man, the comments here are ignorant. I don't know if they are really from bayside or just racism.

The people who say converting 1 to multifamilies home illegally, killing trees, stinking it up, is MOSTLY in flushing.. I Bayside doesn't have as much (depending on where..because I live in bayide north/bay terrace). Heck, I went to an open house 5 years ago in bayside and the basement was converted an apt ..and that owner is WHITE!
But all people I see are mostly asians at the open house.

I see asians moving into bayside/bay terrace area and NONE of them wanted to cut healthy trees..just very small ones in their backyard or if it's leaning on their property.. Again small thin ones. They like to keep their lawns nice or pay someone to maintain them. I don't know what you guys are smoking or if you know where bayside really is, but I don't see that in my neighborhood and there are plenty of asians.. just staggered around..not like bunched into a street!

They are polite and they have kids who goes to school..and in fact some doesn't mind them moving in. (there was a neighborhood who told another neighbor..uhoh, asian are moving into that house and that other neightbor say.. that's fine.. asians are sometimes one of the nicest people I ever met..(and both of them are white ..the one who made the comment was italian though)

I think like Queenscrapper said, people are afraid of asians moving in because they will build new building which are culturely different and have multifamily living in 1 family house, etc. I don't see that in my neighborhood.. so maybe you guys are talking about southern bayside, way below the LIE..but I don't see that either... I see new houses up, but in northern bayside/southern bay terrace, I DO NOT SEE what you guys are talking about.


Anonymous said...

You are blind if you don't see multiple Asian families living in these houses. My daughter had a friend who was Asian and she lived right on 45 road and 202 street....her family lived in the second floor of tne side of the house, another woman with her son lived on the other side of the second floor of the house. A family lived on the main first floor and there was a family in the basement. 4 families in a supposed two family house. Of course I reported it to the cb11. Don't forget about the prostitution ring they set up on 47 Ave across from the hmart that they claim is a "spa"....I have Chinese neighbors across the street from me who use their basement as a church.... of course I reported them too. I have a Chinese family up the block from me who do nothing but collect bottles and cans all day long, their front yards look like crap! You people need to open your eyes. Not to mention, heaven forbid if.they write their signs in English or actually hired an American to work in their stores!

Anonymous said...

could not agree more

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Department Of Buildings, My Asian neighbor just built an illegal basement apartment, I called 311 and opened a complaint. By the time the department of buildings responded, the apartment was completed, all signs of construction were gone! Now I open a complaint about someone living in the basement apartment and the buildings department responds, "Asian occupant refused access to inspect", they close the complaint. Boy do the Asians know how to play the system!!!!.

Anonymous said...

There is building and zoning massacre by asians happening in Bayside and Bay Terrace . Local state and federal government are ignoring the uncontrollbale stream of immigration that is not reflected in census and surely not in incoming taxes......
Dob and zoning boards are approving unfathomable contraptions, "massage" parlors and hotels that are actually bordels. How much do we have to pay so that local reps can fish more votes next time around? "Mexico" government is a little baby compared to Chinese and Korean government. They will bring our economy to their knees.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Bayside since 1980, both Douglaston and Bayside, have went from mostly white to now mostly Asian, some say its still mostly white and I strongly disagree, except for the area around Bay Terrace, Asians now dominate this area. And I hate how people claim that the whites in this area are racists because the Asians who moved here actually worse, I used to have white neighbors who used to talk to me, say hello in the morning, occasionally invite me to dinner, their kids played with mine, now this neighborhood is filled with Asians who stick with their own kind, fill up houses with 20 people and never even give the time of day to anyone who does not look like them. A couple of days ago the McDonald's on Springfield Blvd. just shut down, many of the businesses on that street are owned and catered to for Asians. It is only a matter to time before the other non Asian businesses close or leave.

Anonymous said...

Been a Bayside Hills resident for 30 plus years and have seen the changes. It's terrible being in the middle of all these Asian people. They aren't friendly, they are very messy, and the people who come in the night collecting cans are disgusting...they even have the nerve to come into our backyards to search MY garbage. We really need more strict guidelines in Bayside to take away unwanted "bumb-like" people strolling our streets with shopping carts full of cans. Not to mention the zoning laws are not enforced destroying the integrity of our neighborhood.

Doesn't look like we can regain our neighborhood back ever again.

Anonymous said...

As a white person living in Bayside, so what. Yall need to chill the fuck out.


Anonymous said...

They must be deported and this is why we must elect Trump as president. Look at all the overdevelopment going in in Bayside. The Asians just bought the land where the former Bayside YMCA was and now they are building a monstrosity there. I drive past there every day and even on the weekend construction is going on there. The residents who live around there probably don't get any piece and quite. This is happening all over