Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jamaica Station literally stinks

"Commissioner Bratton, are you really concerned about a relationship with the black community? Then stop listening to outsiders, stop listening to the disconnects, stop listening to foreigners of Queens.

Listen to the residents who are suffering daily. Focus on resolutions that improve our lives. Last month you said that you were going to take a first hand look into bums on the trains. What have you done? It is certainly NOT a resolution.

Listen to what Queens residents need. We need bums off our trains. Jamaica Center is the first boarding station where trains depart. Fair and effective policies will dictate that the trains are clean and ready for take-off. Sadly, the reality is, the trains are mostly bum-filled with an unhealthy scent.

On a bright and sunny April 3rd. morning, straphangers packed the platform. Straphangers appear clean and fresh from home. The E train pulled into the station about 9:11 A.M. Everyone stand by the door anticipating a seat.

Then bamm, the marathon competition began. Straphangers ran into cars # 9709, 9710, 9711 & 9712 and ran out with the same speed. The train was occupied by bums. The fastest runners got seats, others had to stand, while bums appeared comfie.

So, commissioner, come to Jamaica Queens and have a chat with the experts/residents/subway riders.

We have a solution for you to put in place." - Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

Weren't they launching a campaign to kick these bums off the train just a few short months ago? The seven train is like this will see homeless bums in the last 3-4 cars on the train and sometimes it smells horrendous!

Anonymous said...

Bratton's hands are tied on this one. If you send cops in there to kick the bums out of the train our idiot politicians will be falling over each other to hold press conferences blasting the policy and the nypd as being racist and not caring for the homeless community.

Then there will also be a youtube video of a bum who they are removing from the train who is resisting and fighting the cops. Then the cops will have to strong arm him to get him out and there will be uproar from the vibrant diverse community that the nypd is racist and beating up on the poor homeless community. Then there will be city council hearings and million dollar lawsuits against the nypd.

Don't complain that you have what you have now because this is what the city voted for. The city wants moron politicians who cater to nonsense, and now we have it. Enjoy. The more it smells, the more vibrant and diverse we are as a city, and now a days that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about the E train (the Bum Train, we call it in my family) is that you take it from the Air Train, i.e. travelers to NY get their first taste of New York on the Bum Train. It's disgraceful. I don't see how anyone can defend it.

Anonymous said...

I really, really hope the press picks up on this one. Couldn't have said this better myself.

Any politician that believes the bums should be allowed to stay on the trains is a fucking idiot who should be thrown out of office. These people need to be in shelters or with relatives or in a mental health hospital. These germ infested bums making our trains disgusting and unhealthy is NOT a solution. There should be zero tolerance.

It's not just the E. I see this on the N/Q every morning. They're on just about every line in this city.

Anonymous said...

I take the E train to work everyday, and the situation is terrible. One day they actually had 1 officer and someone from the homeless outreach. All they did was ask homeless ppl if they needed shelter, they never removed anyone from the train! This needs to be corrected, I pay taxes and monthly metrocard fees. The homeless don't, so they should be removed.

Anonymous said...

By the tine the E reaches Forest Hills, the stench is so unbearable that I have to get off at Jackson Heights to switch to another train!

Anonymous said...

Now that the weather has improved; the bums will likely come above ground during the day.

Anonymous said...

There are special interest groups and lawyers that salivate to defend and litigate against any action the police takes to remove bums. Its as simple as that.

Bleeding hearts that sit in their ivory towers and never have to deal daily with this nonsense along with scummy lawyers will block progress to fix problems such as this.