Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aluminum crap in Brooklyn

What kind of housing stock automatically comes to mind when the word "Brooklyn" is said? Why, brownstones, of course. But not this:
This beaut can be found at 184 Adelphi Street. Aluminum facade and car in the yard. The next shot comes from Google Street View. I don't know which vehicle looks worse there, but the red one apparently led to a violation for dead storage.
You'll also notice there's nothing resembling a front door here.

And whoopsie: There's not only an old violation for occupancy without a C of O, but also an active unanswered complaint about a basement apartment.

A spokesperson for Frank Lloyd Crap declined comment.


Anonymous said...

How did they get the permit for the curb cut?

Queens Crapper said...

They probably didn't.

flop lop said...

how the heck do you chisel a middle building out of a bunch of row houses?

Anonymous said...

That's looks like a terrible piece of garbage! Wonder who owns this ugly piece of trash?