Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rockaway hotel housing sex offenders

Danny Ruschillo.  Photo from Daily News
From the Daily News:

ROCKAWAY civic leaders are livid that sex offenders have moved into a troubled SRO on Beach 116th St. after the owner promised to upgrade the property.

Danny Ruscillo, the president of the 100 Precinct Commnity Council, said he spotted notifications that two registered sex offenders recently moved into the building, which served as a halfway house before it was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The community successfully blocked efforts by a tenant of the building owner, Jay Deutchman, to turn it into a homeless shelter last year.

Ruscillo said Deutchman pledged in meetings he would put something there to benefit the community, so long as it paid his mortgage.

“Once again our community was misled,” said Ruscillo. “It will adversely affect the Beach 116th St. corridor and make it potentially an unsafe condition for the residents, especially the children, businesses and shoppers.”

Deutchman, however, said he had no idea that sex offenders were living in the building. One of the individuals was classified as a potential high risk to the community.

“It doesn’t necessarily please me, but I don’t have children (living) in the building,” he said. “It’s just an SRO and we are only renting to working people.”

Deutchman noted that he renovated the dilapidated front of the former hotel. He said he would like to overhaul the site, and has only been allowing short-term leases.

“We’ve been in talks with politicians and we’re open to be a part of any development that goes on over there,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the city to try to build that area up again now with affordable housing. The affordable houses around here expect you to make 50000-60000 for a two bedroom apartment. Right next to the affordable housing lies 2 project houses and now this that's not far away! Good luck nyc with trying to build up that area!

Anonymous said...

Don't let the two convicted sex offenders move into Rockaway Beach.
That's the fault of the Dept of Homeless Services, STEP Program.

Put the convicted sex offenders by Gracie Mansion or let them live in DeBlasio's Brooklyn house.

Anonymous said...

They should kill all those who rape anybody. The courts are ready to give a guy thst defense is family 25 yearsbut give rapeo a year or 2