Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just awful in Auburndale

Several years ago, a developer bought an old farmhouse in Auburndale, tore it down and replaced it with crap. The construction shut down with the houses unfinished.

An astute QC reader sent in this photo of the eyesore with the comment, "It's NY! Put in as many houses as you can fit!"

The address was formerly 197-20 47 Avenue, but it has been changed to 47-04 198 street. There are 4 two-family houses, one behind the other. Thanks to our messed up zoning laws, this is allowed.
What did this construction replace? A really old 1-family farmhouse on a large lot. Here's the 1924 aerial shot from CityMap. The house was there until 2005.


Joe Moretti said...

Great to see the continuation of the new "projects". Low rise, shitty looking third world style apartments crammed together complete with cheap materials, Fedders, 1 garbage can per 4 families, absentee landlords and low-class tenants.

Welcome to the New World.

But the blame goes 100% directly on New York City, which allows this.

Anonymous said...

They will house 4 families of Asians each! Or 100s of Asian males.

Check the amount of garbage once they're occupied.

Anonymous said...

Used to pass this place every day on the Q27; there was finally an auction for it in... 2012, I think, maybe early 2013. The angle and the cramming definitely give it a favela-type look in an otherwise neat and pretty stretch of single-family homes, but the lot next door also went from single home to multipurpose-multidwelling crap, so it won't be alone. It's kind of a sad spot in the neighborhood as faces the dilapidated farmhouse that fronts the rear entrance of Garden World, behind the H-Mart/ex-Waldbaums.

Anonymous said...

Garden World is still in business? We used to buy Xmas trees there back in the 50's and 60's!

Henry Euler said...

The local civic association (Auburndale Improvement Association) has been on this case for many years, along with Senator Avella and other elected officials. CB 11 has been supportive as well. The site became a dump for garbage and the grounds were left to grow wild. The buildings were neglected and the doors and garages had to be sealed. The neighbors had to suffer for many years with this blight. The civic and elected officials finally got Sanitation to come in to clean up the site. New owners have purchased the property and are bringing their requests once again to CB 11 and ultimately to the Board of Standards and Appeals. The civic will be evaluating their requests and plans very carefully. There are many unanswered questions and concerns. The community board hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2014, at 7:30 PM, at MS 158.
Henry Euler