Sunday, February 2, 2014

Astoria is full of trash

From CBS New York:

Residents in one of the most booming areas of Queens have complained that their community is overwhelmed with garbage.

As CBS 2′s Janelle Burrell reported, Astoria residents said fewer trash pickups have parts of the neighborhood teeming with litter.

“Garbage everywhere! It’s really bad,” resident Martha Garvey said.

“It comes up like a cyclone. It all masses together,” resident Amanda Rothman added.

Trash can often be seen strewn across sidewalks, piled up and toppling over garbage cans on the street in the heart of Astoria, Burrell reported.

“We used to have three pickups a day here in Astoria. We are down to one,” New York State Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, who represents the area, said.

Simotas said city budget cuts are behind the piled up trash.


Anonymous said...

This is happening all over Queens - not just Astoria. Sanitation service levels need to be restored to what they once were. These are basic city services and one of the things that taxes are meant to pay for.

Anonymous said...

Too many people living here! Every hippie and illegal wants to move into nyc, so of course there is going to be more trash...and I'm not just talking about the ones that walk and talk!

Joe Moretti said...

Hell, come out to Jamaica, if you really want to see trash.

Yes, this is happening all over Queens, due to budgets cuts. NYC has pretty much depleted one of our quality of life services that separate us from third world countries and this is why Queens is becoming a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Its Vallonia. Vibrant. Diverse.
Hi Stinky!

Anonymous said...

I constantly see Sanitation supergiants driving around in their inspector cars. But never see them getting out of them. Only when they have to buy lottery tickets or get a coffee and donut. Lazy bastards they are!

Anonymous said...

Astoria business districts: 36 Ave, 30 Ave, Steinway St, and Broadway are the responsibility of Central Astoria Local Development Corp, headed by George Stamatidades, the SCI funeral director that is a name familiar to Crappy followers.

- George has headed the Dutch Kills Civic Association is perhaps the only civic in NYC that went on record wanting to Upzone! Upzone! and got hotels that is displacing the community,

- George is one of the top honchos of the Queens Library that is now undergoing scrutiny,

- George is one of the top officers of Community Board 1 (which has approved building waterfront housing for 30,000 in an area flooded twice this decade and the medical center that has become the neighbor from hell on Ditmars) - and is so in touch that it has spawned its on parody website,

- George has moved the offices of CALDC to a basement duplex funded by several $100,000 moneys given to it for the benefit of the community.

This marvelous record of public service is the reason that George's groups are on that tiny list of local organizations whom suck up most of the funding from the local politicians - led by library home-boy Jimmy Van Bramer.

Yes, everyone sees how the shopping areas in Astoria have slipped - badly - in quality or cleanliness. But it doesn't stop their praise or their support.

This is Exhibit A for what politicians want in Queens.

This is a great study for those out there trying to find out how to get generous funding for their quality programs in this borough - or getting a stop sign on their corner.

But perhaps the best way to get information about these things for for you to ask George about what happened to the Dutch Kills community, the Queens library, the community board, and what was once - before his tenure - one of the finest local shopping districts in NYC.

A nice friendly polished fellow - very urbane and sophisticated - perfect in his role as 'Mr Astoria' and great to project the image of Queens to the outside world.

J said...

since the local news media had some minutes while beyonce,beiber,miley were probably taking shits and not available,they went to Astoria(or maybe where the producer pays 2500 a month to live in a slop sink closet)and noticed some urban blight and neglect.

all of queens has had a sanitation problem for as long as I can remember(30+ years)from the rockaways to ridgewood,and in the past 12 years(4 illegal)the fun size mayor and that idiot Liu moved money to prioritize tourism and technology over city services.But now we that got "progress" and transparency in city hall,things like crime and litter are getting noticed.

cbs should actually stick around Astoria and catch these hipster high rent paying dumbshits in the act.Because there is not a day when I see them walking around with the venti cup or pint of pad thai instead of having coffee at home or eating where they purchase their food.Those receptacles have got to wind up somewhere

georgetheatheist said...

End this idiot recycling.

A separate container for magazines. A separate container for tuna fish cans. And soon to be, a separate container for leftover macaroni and cheese.

Lemme see? "This one gets tied up with a string. This goes in a blue bag. And this goes in a pink bag (?) All of this on Friday morning...or was that Wednesday afternoon? But not when it snows or there's a religious festival." Simple right? Are you nuts? Free-up the sanitation personnel. Go back to the way it was: one garbage truck picks up everything.

kingofnycabbies said...

"Teaming with litter"--an unlikely corporate sponsorship.

Anonymous said...

When is the last time you saw a home owner on your block sweep the curb ?
NYC Sanitation is doing a good job but people need to be responsible for keeping the city clean with good

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Queens was this bad 30 years ago, certainly not Astoria with its crowded over-development, but one thing is certain: the other boroughs are much nicer than 30 years ago - so why not Queens?

People that have been calling the shots need to stand up to scrutiny. Names need by named and questions need be asked of them.

Afterall, there is a hell of a lot of money being spent - how effective are our taxes being used and by whom for what purpose?

The entire borough needs a reset. Its time we have some new faces and retire the old.

Anonymous said...

One can see similar conditions along Madison Av and Fifth Av in MN.

Anonymous said...

One can see similar conditions along Madison Av and Fifth Av in MN.

Yes, Madison Avenue and Steinway Street are twins down to their litter.

Now lets talk about fedders crap in Brooklyn Heights that is a knock off of Elmhurst and Flushing building styles.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're not talking about the people of Astoria? They're trash too.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're not talking about the people of Astoria? They're trash too.

this sounds like some civic leaders in astoria i once overheard talking about their own community.

An Astoria Asshole said...

Yo, wee iz tras.