Monday, February 3, 2014

A building too tall

This gem can be found at 86-02 60th Road in Elmhurst. Of course, it had to be 4 stories in order to have enough room for the alleged 2 units inside.


Anonymous said...

There are 6 families there and 8 parking spots in the parking lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Consider that building a statue or a monument to the people that you guys put into office, and also continue to reelect

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that there are like 3 families living in there. They aren't fooling anyone!

Anonymous said...

No doubt those "two" units have been subdivided to handle more people.

when my wife and I were dating, she lived in the Benjamin apartments on Franklin ave in Flushing. She lived in a 2br with one roomate-the normal way (each having a BR, th rest of the place was common space for both)

the unit next to hers was also a 2BR apartment and rented by some girls from China. The BR's in this apartment-and the LR-were subdivided into tiny one "room" spaces that now held 16 people.

each girl paid 400/month for this set up.

Sad to say this is fairly common hereabouts-DOB couldn't give a shit and neither do the locals elected officials.

someday, I fear, we'll have a fire in one of this rat holes-and a lot of people will die.