Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vandalism in Lindenwood

From The Forum:

A wave of vandalism swept through the Lindenwood area over the weekend, leaving in its wake the building façade of a popular medical plaza as well as the slashed tires and broken windows of some cars parked in the immediate surrounding area.

Law enforcement sources say that the tags scrawled on the wall belong to well-known taggers in the graffiti community. One standout tag belongs to Lil Creep who is a notorious presence. An inside source confirmed that police have substantial information on several of the taggers in this incident and are hopeful that arrest will be made in connection with the incident in an expeditious manner. Police are investigating possible gang affiliations associated with some of the tags left on the wall.

The tags used supply the police with crucial information about the individual doing the graffiti. Experts say they can be likened to the vandals DNA because the tags are used only by that individual and are the means by which to identify that specific person.

Dr. Anthony Napolitano, owner of the Medical Arts Center located on 151st Avenue off 84th Street in Lindenwood, said he now plans to install lighting over the top of the building as well as placing security cameras in strategic locations. “We’re going to do everything we can to stop this type of activity,” Napolitano told The Forum, “It [graffiti] greatly disturbs the character of the neighborhood and can drive values down. I’m here 30 years and I’m not about to let that happen.”


Anonymous said...

"One standout tag belongs to Lil Creep who is a notorious presence."
Good luck finding him, someone wrote RIP CREEP for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that "world famous" anti-graffiti "crusader",
Pete "junior" Vallone will offer them his assistance.

On second thought it's
not his district, so any of the photo ops garnered
won't help him get elected Queens borough president.

Anonymous said...

at the behest of Mayor Bloomberg,
Peter Vallone Junior will now attempt to direct
the blame toward that world renown attraction and outstanding outdoor aerosol ART MUSEUM...
"5 Pointz"...for inciting this recent attack
of vandalism.

That would be a very weak case to try to present!

ignorant bourgeois out there:

The artists...YES ARTISTS...who paint at "5 Pointz"

An embossed permit is issued by the museum's director, so nobody can photocopy or forge one.

These are permits that have been respected
by any inquiring police officers in the past.

So, SHOVE IT, you critics!
YOU should have such talent!

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of visitors come to
"'5 Pointz" each month.

Perhaps they spend even more time there
than they spend at "P.S. One, MOMA"...
which is located directly across the street from
"5 Pointz".

Anonymous said...

True dat!

"RIP" (rest in peace) indicates that "Lil Creep" is most certainly pushing up daisies somewhere.

But maybe those dumb flatfoots can't recognize a"clue" even when it's biting them on the ass!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anon no 3 and 4:

Too bad you guys don't have the balls to paint on people's buildings while their owners are watching.

Being anonymous is a lot of fun, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's why 5 Pointz is closing
Take the 7 train from LiC to Main St and see the scourge on every rooftop along the way and tell me that 5 Pointz didn't put the idea into wanna be "artists" who have no respect for private property! This has been going on for 20 years
Be off with them...

Anonymous said...

The SCOURGE is...
dull brained unimaginative, people like yourself...
my man!

5 Pointz ain't closing for at least 2-3 more years.

Owner Wolcoff has been claiming that for at least
the 10 years that I have known him.

I wish you'd CLOSE your mouth orlearn to wipe it, occasionally.
Phew...I didn't realize how much, that the spewing of angry stupidity leaves such a stench.

Uh...maybe...eventually...when 5 Pointz does close...we can move into YOUR nabe to paint.

Anonymous said...

It certainly took those
Don "junior" Vallone trolls long enough to post.
Or is it the big "stronzo" (turd) himself commenting.

The question remains.
Is 5 Pointz coming down real soon?
That seems doubtful!

That greedy commercial slum lord Jerry Wolkoff
is paying THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars to correct the NUMEROUS violations that still exist on the 5 Pointz building.

Go and Google Acris (NYC Dept. of Finance)
and see what he's in for.

Besides,,,he's got tenant's in the building.
An Asian clothing manufacturing (sweat?) shop and a Greek hot dog cart vendors operation are using it.

Wolcoff is hungry (slurp, slurp)
and WANTS...maybe even NEEDS...their rent money !

Besides, he doesn't have enough $$$$ on his own to build the TWO massive 40 story buildings that he's proposing.

So what's the story Jerry...
got no investment partners yet in this bad economy?

So you go for your variance in the meantime
and wait several years.

Maybe you'll flip the property...or borrow money against it's increased value with a pre-approved building plan.

IF the willful Wolcoff really intended on tearing down 5 Pointz PDQ...he would have evicted his tenants and sealed up the site pending demolition and NOT have to pay his fines to bring the building up to FDNY code.

He's just blowing smoke up everyones' asses trying to prove that he's a "big time" developer and not the teeny cock that he really is among NYC's real estate mega giants.

In its current condition his real estate taxes are much lower than on a spanking new development.

It's his sons David and Adam who will spending
their "big daddy " Jerry's money...after he passes.

Until then...the "W" family is just passing wind!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the last commenter has got it right.

But I wonder who the troll was,
that was berating 5 Pointz?

Was it Vallone, Wolkoff
or the jealous "fat man" from Phun Phactory?

It was B.S. down the line, whoever it was