Saturday, October 6, 2012

More privatization of public parkland

From The Brooklyn Paper:

Fenced-off yards attached to planned condos in Brooklyn Bridge Park are a greenspace-hogging affront on precious public land, frustrated park-boosters say.

A proposal for a controversial housing complex on Pier 1 calls for landscaped private terraces linked to ground-floor residential units — a design that betrays the very definition of “park,” according to recreation advocates.

“The principal is ridiculous,” said yards-in-the-park opponents Roy Sloane, who sits on the park’s advisory council. “They’re taking up land that should belong to future generations of park-goers.”

Sloane and other critics say the architectural misstep turns the park into a literal and figurative backyard for wealthy developers and their future tenants.

He also fears the private yards will set the stage for yard-style activities — such as laundry-drying and tiki-torch-burning — near the park’s stunning promenade, potentially tainting the valuable public commodity.

The new design revives a long-simmering battle over the use of the waterfront space and ultimately how to fund the park’s $16-million annual maintenance budget — a dilemma that stems from a 2002 agreement requiring the park to raise its own cash so it won’t drain public coffers.


kingofnycabbies said...

So the fear is that people owning trillion dollar condos will hang out laundry in the back yard.

Why would they? They could simply go down to the waterfront and beat them with rocks. I see Fifth Avenue residents do this all the time at Harlem Meer.

And tiki torch-burning? Get real--they'll simply light whale blubber like all the 1% do.

C'mon, Crappy, this really first appeared in The Onion, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

That was a dumb example, but privatization of parkland is a serious issue.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Let's cut to the chase.

PRIVATIZATION of public land
is just a euphemism for STEALING!

Those who have part in this are called