Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jamaica garbage saga continues

I am the one who took the pictures that belong to this article.

Looks like people are still piling garbage bags on Sutphin Blvd & 109ave.

June 2012:

October 2012:

This picture is a house a block away from my home:

Authorities visited the home not too long ago also:

I am reporting these photos to 311.

- Lawrence Tinsley


Anonymous said...

There must be volunteer groups that could help clean up this mess. Do a google search...

Joe Moretti said...

Way to go Lawrence. Many here in Jamaica are finally sick and tired of their community looking like a garbage dump and seeing nothing happen about it and want action taken against the culprits and want leaders to step up to the plate. We need more like Lawrence to take action and let their voices be heard loud (many times) to elected politicians, city/community leaders and the media. Those in other areas of New York who are dealing with the same issues, stand up, be heard and don't back down until the issues get addressed and resolved. It can be daunting at times and an uphill battle, but if you are persistent enough and especially united, change can happen. The very least is that leaders cannot ignore this and must eventually answer to this. Big Kudos to Lawrence and others out there trying to make a difference in their community. This type of bullshit is only acceptable if we let it be acceptable. Time to stop being complacent and apathetic and take action. Time for my Jamaica brothers and sisters to stand up and be counted for. To quote the line from the film NETWORK, "We are mad as hell as we are not going to take it anymore".

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants don't volunteer. no doubt it's an absentee landlord who is not an American who doesn't mind that their property becomes a garbage dump.

what is the address of the place a block away from your house?

Anonymous said...

rent a double -decker bus and cover it with enlarged photos from Jamaica. drive from Fifth Avenue to Madison Avenue, in front of Bloomberg's town house day after day. i believe he lives on 79th Street.

make sure the tv news networks are notified.

actions speak louder....