Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's not just happening in Jamaica

From The Brooklyn Daily:

An empty Metropolitan Transportation Authority lot on 66th Street has become a garbage-strewn eyesore that stinks to high heaven in the summer, say Bensonhurst residents and merchants who want the state agency to fence off and clean out the property.

MTA officials say they are trying to get rid of the small lot near Bay Parkway, but that news has done little to quell enraged residents who claim that the property has become a neighborhood waste station for illegal dumpers wanting to get rid of everything from construction debris to dirty diapers.

Nearby merchants who have witnessed the illegal dumping agreed.

Assemblyman Bill Colton (D–Bensonhurst) said he’s been fielding complaints about the lot for nearly seven months, and has repeatedly demanded that the city’s Department of Sanitation clean the lot on a regular basis.

But Colton doesn’t just want the lot cleaned out — which the city’s Department of Sanitation did last week — he wants the dumpers to be found and dealt with.

From SI Live:

Seguine Avenue has its own dumping ground – and residents aren't happy about it.

The trashed location sits among homes at 131 Seguine Ave., a vacant property that's for sale and is littered with quite a display: Pieces of wood, black garbage bags, a tossed mattress, flipped over black leather couch, and an unsightly dead raccoon.

Two buckets of water rest next to the staircase leading to the empty two-story home; chunks of siding have been removed from the home's exterior.

The Environmental Control Board (ECB) has slapped five separate citations on the door. All are for "dirty area," and claim that the visitor observed a large accumulation of scattered bottles, cans, a cigarette pack, cups, pieces of paper, wrappers, cardboard, wood and a mattress.

City records say Robert Costomiris owns the property. He was unable to be reached for comment.


Joe Moretti, Jamaica, NY said...

Yes Jamaica is not the only garbage dump in the NYC area, there are plenty and it is good to see some people in the communities actually taking some action. Just do not stop. Hound your elected officials and city agencies constantly, make videos, photos, get the media involved, be loud and have your voice heard. Have the powers to be finally address this issue and come up with solutions. First and foremost they need to really come down hard on these property owners and make them held accountable, which right now I feel that is not being done. They need to take a no tolerance attitude toward these owners of vacant lots and abandoned home, many which are owned by banks. A big kudos to my brothers and sisters in the other boroughs for standing up for what is right and making your voice be heard. Be persistent and tenacious. It is a battle but do not give up. Change does happen. Just do not listen to some of the negative people here who say it is a lost cause or nothing will happen, these are just people sitting on the sidelines who do nothing to help their community except to bitch behind an anonymous name. The powers to be hope you are one of those sitting on the sidelines who do nothing. Put the pressure on big time!

LatQueens said...

This trash problem will be mitigated soon, it's going to take time. In the mean while I've been taking more pics in my proximity that I will be attaching to 311 complaints. Today

I noticed some of the tree plots around 107-05 Sutphin Blvd have been cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

If every NYer picked up just one piece of litter a day, imagine the difference.....
It's done down South and it works!