Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homeless sex offenders living near school

From Eyewitness News:

Outside the Skyview Men's Shelter, the men hang out in the evening for a smoke or a drink.

There are 174 homeless men in the shelter, and as many as 30 at any one time, are serious level two or three registered sex offenders.

They live two blocks from an elementary school.

"Once a sex offender always a sex offender and it's too close to the school," a concerned parent said.

At PS 124, there was a sometimes raucous meeting with city officials and parents who say nobody talked to them before turning a family shelter they embraced, into a men's shelter they're afraid of.

Now parents can't let their kids walk to or from school alone.


Anonymous said...

isn't this location in Helen Marshall's nabe ,near LaGuardia airport ?

Anonymous said...

Well that makes a lot of f-----g sense.
The next thing you know...they'll be offering these perverts jobs as janitors in that school.

Anonymous said...

It sort of gives the kids an opportunity
to learn something new.

Anonymous said...

Try housing these perverts next to P.S. 32
and see what happens.

The point being...
that this would NEVER happen in that kind of nabe.

I guess the way the city figures it....east Elmhurst
is the more appropriate dumping ground, as opposed to Auburndale.

Anonymous said...

House them in Sky View Parc in Flushing.

Most of those apartments remain vacant anyway,
because nobody wants them.

Anonymous said...

How do we know that 30% of residents at any given time are registered sex offenders? You don't say in the article. And who protects the students from the sexual predators who have not yet been convicted of any level sex offense? The laws identifying who is a sexual predator and the lifelong restrictions imposed on them create a false sense among ignorant people that they are safe from harm. Nothing could be further from the truth most children are sexually assaulted by someone they and their parents know and trust (religious leaders, teachers, relatives, coaches and family friends) and not by strangers they pass on the street.

Anonymous said...

But they ARE ALSO assaulted by perverts walking the streets....and this is a WAREHOUSE of sexual predators located right near a school!

Save your hearts and flowers speech
for the more gullible....buddy.

Anonymous said...

I guess no one looks at the story. This is near Kennedy airport on the Conduit.

Anonymous said...

correction: the video states it is located in S.Ozone Park,which is near J.F.K.

name your local rep. and protest.

both commenters are correct. the child molesters are clever.they infiltrate the social facilities that attract the young and con the parents.

always accompany your child . do not trust completely.
see John Walsh,America's Most Wanted on life ch.,fridays.

it looked similar to the "Motel "on Ditmars La Guardia.