Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloran under investigation by Albany DA

From the NY Post:

Controversial City Councilman Dan Halloran may be locked in a heated battle for Congress, but a bigger problem facing him could be state election regulators and criminal prosecutors.

Halloran is 2 1/2 years in arrears on filing campaign-finance reports for his 2009 Council run, and, as a result, the state Board of Elections has sent the matter to the Albany district attorney for investigation and possible prosecution, The Post has learned.

Election board spokesman Thomas Connolly said Halloran has missed five filing deadlines, dating to January 2010, when the Republican lawyer from Queens first took his Council seat. Election regulators have issued default judgments against Halloran for each absent filing. After a year, board judgments become subject to possible criminal penalties.

As of Friday, Halloran owed the state $3,243 in fines plus interest, which keeps growing, according to records.

Halloran, 40, yesterday offered little excuse, saying, “I don’t file the campaign-finance forms because I’m not the treasurer with the campaign . . . I’m not the treasurer. I don’t know off the top of my head.”

So he'll throw his friend under the bus in order to protect himself? Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace.

Why do we tolerate this?

I am Republican.

I encourage other Republicans to WRITE IN on the ballot the name of an approprate alternative person so that your vote will count.

This is the only way the party leadership will understand that they cannot run subpar candidates and hope to survive in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dan is full of himself, and crap too.

Anonymous said...

We suppose that Halloran would like to keep quiet those advance contributions he got from Joey Franco (White House Restaurant ) and the Marino Brothers (Marino's Market) for trying to "fix" things up for them later on...regarding their expansion plans.

Joey "d'or" Franco is purported to be connected
to the infamous Gambino crime family.

This should all get VERY interesting!

One thing is certain...Halloran is NOT interested in representing his constituents...only HIS OWN interests!

Keep this goofy crook out of Congress!

Anonymous said...

We're caught in the middle between 2 crooks...
Grace Meng and Dan Halloran.

I intend on doing a write in vote!

Anonymous said...

GEEZ...and this man passed the bar?

We already know that he can't resist sitting at the bar
and bending the elbow.

Vito....what a name for his treasurer.
Did the mob suggest him to Dan?

Anonymous said...

Blame the old walrus Phil Ragusa
for the sad shape that the Republican party is in.

No wonder the county Democratic machine can get away with putting crooks into office without any competition.

This is VERY unhealthy in a republic such as ours.
It's left our borough at the mercy of developers.

Manes & Shulman:
Prime examples of Democratic machine corruption!

Anonymous said...

You can point fingers,cry and accuse but it's the fault of you the voters. Both Halloran and Ming are tainted by controversy about money. As always, write in your vote. If you dont know how to do it, look it up on the internet, it's worth the time.

Anonymous said...

before jumping to conclusions,read the words "possible" in the article. that is not an indictment for any crime.

one has to search the Halloran , and his opponent's ,nyc council campaign finance donation report for 2010, and all the donations are listed publicly for both. that is the law.

i did in 2010, and it showed that Halloran had a very meager donation total, all from his council district . AND HE WON

his opponent,a machine dem.,had extremely more $$$$ donated ,99.5 % sent from the rest of the Nation
and Asia,not from this district. AND HE LOST.

$3,000.,(chump change) was not stolen from the taxpayers.
could this be a "dirty trick "to undermine one of two conservative.republican candidates in Queens ?

is the machine getting really desperate, with three weeks prior to the election ?

Queens Crapper said...

So it's ok to you that he hasn't filed or paid his fines?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 8:

If this article was about someone you didn't like would you be saying the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Gramps -

It's appalling that you can apologize for a Councilmember who is a LAWYER - you know, someone who knows THE LAW - for flouting campaign finance regulations.

Halloran took money from us - New York City taxpayers - because he received public matching funds.

If he never filed his paperwork, that means he has A) refused to reveal where the remainder of his money came from or how he paid off the remaining $90,000 that he owed but didn't raise, according to the New York City Campaign Finance Board and New York State Board of Elections; and B) defrauded the taxpayers of New York City who generously gave him matching funds.

Regardless of whether someone is a Republican or Democrat - and there have been plenty of Democrats who have gotten in trouble with the Campaign Finance Board - if you're going to run, you need to follow the rules, get your accounting in order and pay the fines.

Get a clue, Gramps!

Anonymous said...

not a surprise at all. Halloran is not a libertarian. he is dishonest and sells to the highest bidder. He went to Israel and now wants a war with Iran. He supports Corporate subsidies Halloran is full of shit. I just hope his cancer brain doesn't sacrifice a dog in his next ritual to rid hims of this investigation. He is an embarrassment and I don't understand why he is on Libertarian line.

Anonymous said...

if he could not pay the $90,000.off, he probably did not have that Chinese Connection ,that the Queens machine and his opponent did.

the 40-45 year old conservative /g.o.p. citizens in Queens do not have jobs ,so they can not donate to politicians, since 2009.

i hear that 23 million citizens are unemployed and underemployed. the figures in nyc are reported to be 9.2% -11%.

do not wait for the facts to be unspun, hang him with the bat first and ask questions later.

i believe that photo is old .he looks much slimmer at present.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 13

Or in other words, you know that he's in trouble, so you're changing the subject.

Anonymous said...

Well this is just plain stupid leaving yourself open to this sort of investigation. His answer was completely lame.

Anonymous said...

Ha! He's not slimmer at all. Still a ruddy-faced porker.

Dan was handed the Council office on a silver patter and proceeded to take a runny dump on it.

Do you know how may civics and locals broke ranks with the Dems to vote for a guy from the 'hood? Not necessarily 'cause he's a whitey, but because he's from the 'hood and because he had no reason to do wrong by it? Kim wasn't to be trusted and was an outsider. Ackerman's flunky.

All Dan had to do was side with his constituents on every issue and he would have been golden. He would have won every office he ever ran for, irrelevant of party.

But Dan's always making decisions for his own ego and his own distorted view of power. He grandstands like the best of them and speaks very well to a crowd. He even understands the issues on the surface and uses that skimming of content to get by. But he has no deeper knowledge of the issues or even if he does, no caring for them. They just aren't of interest to Dan.

Dan's only interest is in what can he do next to make things work for him. What will increase his Conservative cred and celebrity. He wants to be a national figure.

Good luck with that Dan. No matter if you pass or fail, the folks where you come from will always what a fucking liar you are.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 7- Was that Ming the Merciless you were referring to?

Anonymous said...

halloran will always be in trouble in Queens, he is a conservative/republican. in a criminal cesspool of convicted D.I.N.O.

Anonymous said...

Now we know all about
pork in government...judging by this photo.

Sausage, anyone?
Forget about Jimmy Dean's.
Halloran's got his own brand!

Just ask Megan.

Anonymous said...

The verdict is in .

Keep your heads up your butts
and continue to believe the weekly press
and you are bound to make the choices that
the political machine wants of you.

Remember folks...
Ackerman started up the Queens Tribune
just to get himself elected.

I wonder if all of that $$$$$ that went missing...
while he was the treasurer of his Queens College student group...was the seed money that he used to the start up the Trib?

Anonymous said...

A county like Queens...
devoid of any real competition between 2 political parties, which should be offering viable candidates...winds up being a crookedly run borough!

The Democratic clubhouse has maintained a monopoly...only because the Republicans keep on putting idiot throwbacks on the slate.

One of the machine's no-choice products
is the Stavisky dynasty...maintaining their power since the late 1950s.

A good rule of thumb is...
when in doubt, dump all incumbents!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 19:

Which isn't the point here, Gramps. If Grace Meng was accused of the same exact thing, what would you be saying?

Anonymous said...

one wonders why the Albany D.A. would have jurisdiction over a "FLUB" committed in Queens County?

maybe this will become a case for the federal D.O.J? do ya think?

Anonymous said...

One wonders why that matters, as long as justice is done. Will that happen? Will you change the subject again to make excuses for Halloran? Would you do the same investigation was being done about a Democrat?

Inquiring minds want to know. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Is this to be the end of it...
another investigation that goes nowhere?
When will this self serving bastard be convicted?

He's a betrayer of neighborhoods
like Whitestone and North Flushing.

He's owned by developers with
mob connections!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Queens'
is best known for its political corruption:

Donald Manes; Brian Mc Laughlin; etc.
and the beat goes on!

Our borough is like "Deadwood"...
the wild west of NYC...
where one can get away with just about anything!

Anonymous said...

Much like a camel can store water in it's humps or a squirrel stores nuts in it's cheeks, maybe Dan's got a ham and cheese stored in his extra flappy neck-pouch?