Friday, October 5, 2012

GOP candidate is kinda nuts

"Hi Crappy,

It’s me again…..annoyed at a robocall I got from a Joe Concannon who apparently is running against Tony Avella for his state senate seat. The recording accused Mr. Avella of meeting with Muslim terrorists. I was incensed, knowing that this was very much a twisting of an incident that occurred last week when Mr. Avella, along with Letitia James, left a Muslim rally due to speakers full of hatred and venom.

I decided to call the Concannon people and actually got someone claiming to be Joe Concannon. I told him what the recording said, and he replied that Mr. Avella is sympathizing with and aiding terrorists. I got angry and asked him if everyone who was asked to be a Grand Marshal at an American Muslim rally is then aiding terrorists, without accusing Mr. Concannon of outright prejudice, which I think is the case. He was very insistent that Avella is aiding terrorists and didn’t listen to reason, and when I yelled at him and told him that Avella and Ms. James left the rally, he just told me what an angry person I was and I told him something like that I hope his campaign crashes and burns.

Somehow truth was twisted to suit a swiftboat type accusation by the Concannon people. I called Avella’s office and left a message briefly describing my encounter with this idiot Concannon. The call also said that the Queens GOP wants to return to true American values. I have no idea what that really means, but he’s as bad as those venom spouting haters at the rally that day.

Just so you know, Crappy! Concannon is stooping to very new lows with character assassination to get what will amount to very few votes!! I’m sick of these awful robo calls, they are invasive and intrusive. Someone should stop Concannon who believes his own lies.

Thanks for listening…"

- Ms. Tsouris


Anonymous said...

why not make the complete muslim tape available on Q.C., so we can make a valid judgement, as to why they were offended ?

the first Q.C.tape was garbled.

also supply the complete robo call from the concannon campaign.

let's be heard. after all unedited dialogue is public.

georgetheatheist said...

I wish Joe Crowley, at my dinnertime, would cut the robocalls as well.

Anonymous said...

I got this same call. For one thing, I don't live in the district or even very close. For another, I was pissed off at what BLATANT lies they told. If the call talked about this guy's career or skills, I'd maybe have researched him, but they instead show him and his campaign to be craven liars- no improvement, certainly, over a straight shooter like Avella.

Anonymous said...

This guy concannon is not my kind of guy.....ask anyone who knew him from the job ...........

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 -

Why can't you just admit that some Republicans are nuts??

The Muslim tape that was on Queens Crap last week wasn't "garbled" at all. In fact, there were subtitles that were clearly visible for anyone who couldn't understand what the speakers were saying.

As for the "robo call" - as a voter in the district, I received one as well. It's disgusting - frankly, I would have never even written anything, but after Ms. Tsouris mentioned it, I was going to respond anyway.

Your defense of that moron Concannon just made it easier.

Paddy said...

Geezus, Giuseppi and Maria...
we've got one Irish GOP nut job, Halloran,
running around.

We don't need another one.

Get a pair of glasses, Joe.
Avella WALKED OUT on that Muslim rally!

What kinda stuff are you drinkin' these days
Mr. Concannon?

Anonymous said...

Does this stuff even matter? Who the fuck is Concannon? He stalks outside CB11 meetings waiting for you to come out past the school gate so he can give you his meaningless campaign lit (these's absolutely nothing concrete on it, as if he just did a copy/paste from some other meaningless flyer) and badmouth Tony Avella. Nobody knows who the fuck you are Joe! You don't stand a chance!

Anonymous said...

At least one Queens weekly covered it.

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah, that's why I linked to it in the body of the post...

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry Crapper, missed that.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Con man Concannon is nothing but a lying shit his whole spiel is to attack avella he has no substance and has done nothing in or for north flushing.

All he does is talk about how Avella has done nothing but he never says what he plans on doing.

He is a no good two bit hack.

Anonymous said...

#5... subtitles are not as reliable as an actual voice recording.

some never got a robocall and do not know what was said, by the caller.

some know absolutely nothing about concannon.

so one did not and can not defend him . please read and then comprehend the comments made on Q.C.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 12:

I think you're the one with the comprehension problem. Everything is and was quite clear.

Anonymous said...

If Halloran's party supports him,
he's a lying jerk-wad just like Dan!

Isn't Dan shooting blanks (politically speaking)
these days?

Anonymous said...

"some how truth was twisted to suit a SWIFT BOAT type accusation by Concannon people" Ms.Tsouris

i do not know what was said on the robo call,but i resent the derogatory use of a U.S Navy service group who served gallantly in combat in Viet Nam in 1971. these sailors served under extremely "hazardous" conditions similar to the Submarine and Minesweeper Force.

Commander John O'neil, who took over John Kerry's swift boat presented over 200 voices of boatmates during the period in his book "UNFIT FOR COMMAND" ,written in 2004.

Search John O'Neil,"Unfit for Command" to acquaint yourself with both sides of the story.the sailors expose Kerry's decision to award undeserved combat medals to himself, to get out of combat early.

O'Neil was a former Minesweeper Officer. i served on a 220',100 crew minesweeper during the Korean War. GO NAVY........

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 15:

Hey Gramps, this is your third shot at trying to change the subject from the overall point. It took you 48 hours to make a fuss about Ms. Tsouris' Swift Boat line (and a point well made by her!!!). And you're complaining about other people's reading comprehension?