Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gentlemen, it's time to pay up

From the Times Ledger:

Former Democratic City Councilman Allan Jennings was penalized earlier this month by the city Campaign Finance Board for several violations committed by his campaign during the 2010 special election for the seat left vacant by the late Councilman Thomas White Jr.

After the CFB completed its audit of Jennings’ campaign, he was fined $2,493 for eight violations. He did not respond to a request for comment.

A $1,000 fine was levied against Jennings for failing to accurately report contributions to his campaign and expenditures. Jennings reported he had raised $23,513, about $5,000 of which his bank records could not properly account for. He also failed to submit documentation for more than $6,000 worth of the $24,458 in expenditures he reported to the board.

Other violations included failing to provide periodic bank statements for the entire year of 2011, failing to provide employer information for 25 of 49 contributions of more than $99 and making a $200 cash payment. The limit for cash payments is $100.

Jennings also made a cash withdrawal of $2,458, violating the rule prohibiting candidates from maintaining a petty cash fund of more than $500.

He was also penalized for failing to document a $2,000 loan he received and two $1,000 repayments. Jennings was fined for failing to respond to the board’s requests for records needed for the audit of his campaign.

From the NY Post:

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson -- one of the top contenders in the 2013 race for mayor -- has lost another attempt to quash nearly $600,000 in fines for plastering public property with illegal posters in his 2009 campaign for City Hall.

Sources said the Environmental Control Board has upheld a decision of an administrative law judge rejecting Thompson's argument that his senior campaign aides did all they could to comply with the law.

Thompson's campaign now owes the city $594,375 for 7,925 poster violations.


Anonymous said...


If I owed that kind of money...
my ass would be out on the damn street!

If it were back in those merry old England days...
I'd be in debtor's prison!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you don't hire professionals. this is what happens when you hire crap like Working Family's Party & their commandant Nate Smith.
Ask someone who has worked for Working Family's Party - the anti labor organization that treats people like crap while siphoning off political funds from unions.
Was Thompson paid to not win? you would think so given the strategy of Working Family's Party.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Padavan write the poll sign law?

Anonymous said...

Any news of John Liu's fines? Were they paid yet?

Anonymous said...

In NYC politics,
you're either a hack, a crook, or both!

The good guys get crushed in the grape press!

If John Liu goes to jail...I'll make a novena.