Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Squatters evicted from church

From WPIX:

A Queens church has evicted two women who were offered a temporary place to stay but never left.

Judy and Mary, who asked us not to use their last names, were offered a room in the basement of the Queensboro Hill Community Church in 2011. The pair had been roommates for years but were recently evicted from their apartment after Mary lost her job.

Church leaders said they felt for the women but after six months, they felt taken advantage of. They could no longer use the stage for performances and the women would use the heat in the winter. To make matters worse, anytime the Pastor would ask them to leave, they would makes excuses as to why they could not.

Last Friday, a court ordered the women be out. They promised PIX 11 they would be. But today, the women were still at the church and a city marshal arrived and evicted them.


Anonymous said...

if they were black or illegal immigrants there would be concern and of course a section 8 voucher for them and every agency in NYC to assist these two senior citizen women to get government subsidized housing. as they are white, they can be tossed aside and made homeless.

Anonymous said...

drinking beer and watching tv all day instead of following job leads don't get you a job to pay rent