Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amusement park taps into city fire hydrants

From NBC:

Officials at Coney Island's Luna Park could have been hung out to dry because of an incident involving the popular Wild River water ride.

Brooklyn Daily reporter Will Bredderman snapped a photo of a hose attached to a city fire hydrant filling up the ride. Even though Luna Park sits on city land, a permit is needed to use a public hydrant.

Luna Park spokeswoman, Nicole Purmal said maintenance crews saw that the ride's water levels were down so they tapped into the closest hydrant to keep it open.

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Anonymous said...

In his early days of building...
not only did Tommy Huang tap into city hydrants...but he stole electricity from utility polls during construction.

If I can ever unearth a photo that I took (about 1987) of the north west corner of Northern and Union.
I'll post it.

It clearly shows a cable hooked into the corner lamp post.