Thursday, August 9, 2012

Southern Queens getting the boot

From the Queens Courier:

The Smart Boot program, which locks up the cars of ticket scofflaws, hit southern Queens last Monday after being launched in Brooklyn six weeks ago.

Paylock, a parking enforcement company, has city authorization to place a yellow wheel lock on the cars of parking/traffic violators with more than $350 in unpaid fines. The no-bid pilot program, selected by the Bloomberg administration, is an attempt by the city to collect owed money more efficiently.

Aside from collecting at a more efficient rate, the Department of Finance (DOF) and other backers of the program believe the new system will benefit motorists.

“Paylock is open 24/7 for calls while tow companies close at nights and on weekends,” said Owen Stone, a DOF spokesperson. “[Paylock] can send someone to go get the boot off and return it for you.”

Violators are forced to pay a $180 boot fee, $70 sheriff’s fee and a five percent surcharge on top of any unpaid fines. However, the DOF believes this average cost is less than the average cost of the current towing system throughout the city.


Anonymous said...

Install one of these on Dan Halloran's ass for parking it in the city council chambers and doing nothing for the years he's "served".

Now the hollerin' man is holding phony town hall meetings all over his district in an attempt to convince voters he cares.

He only cares about his Congressional run and trawling for their votes.

Anonymous said...

Another $million wasted

Anonymous said...

NO BID - gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

another private, for-profit company has taken over a government service.

Anonymous said...

Is it the same owners that have the contract to install air conditioners in schools? 200 per installation 200 to remove existing unit 200 additionally if over 5 feet which most are and 200 to take old one away. This does not include price of new unit!

Only one company to use!

Welcome to Bloomville!

Anonymous said...

Why a $70 sheriff fee? What's to stop this company from fraudulent booting ? I guess no lessons were learned by the city time scandal and the use of rouge contractors

Anonymous said...

What's to stop this company from fraudulent booting ?

The paper trail.

Anonymous said...

A great idea until half the street parking in Queens is filled with hoopdee's cause deadbeats can't pay the removal fee.

Joe said...

$70 sheriff fee?
What statute gives a mayor or city permission to deputize private company workers as Sheriffs?

Without marshal law or an official disaster declared by the governor these appointed sheriffs (and the fees attached to them) sound totally illegal.


Anonymous said...

Bring it on! I got some special tools in my trunk to cut that thing right off!!!