Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hotel on hold for now

From the Times Ledger:

Controversial plans to build a 12-story hotel on a narrow residential street in Fresh Meadows have stalled because the application for the building has been disapproved by the city Department of Buildings.

An official with the DOB said the application was disapproved on July 31 because it did not include the required number of parking spaces and it exceeded the maximum allowed floor area ratio for the lot.

Mayflowers Business Group, the owner of the property, has 12 months to revise and resubmit the application.

The plans include 102 hotel rooms and 33 apartment units. It also includes a one-story parking garage that would have 47 spots.


Anonymous said...

63-27 186th street


61-27 186th St

Steve Behar said...

Those hotels don't belong in that community and should never be built.

Anonymous said...

not approved because they did not have the required number of parking spaces ?

but they did approve the asian day care center @196-29 42 avenue/4200 Francis Lewis Blvd. with NO PARKING SPACES AND NO D/O AND P/U FOR 250 to 300 toddlers. their is no ground space surrounding the two story underground & two story above, facility. they just installed five foot railings on the roof for playtime.

could it have been approved because the land lord of John Liu (former) and Peter Koo(present) is the property owner?and he is a donor to their campaigns ?

visit in Sept.2012,when the parent's cars block the public school across the Blvd., when dropping off the 300 bused in pupils from Flushing , Main street.

the morning and evening motorist rush hours should be a sight at F.L.Blvd. / Northern blvd.