Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poor paving job on Hillside Avenue

Dear Queens Crap--

The attached file contains zipped hi-res photos of an MTA Bus Stop at Hillside Avenue at 205th Street, which is in terrible shape.

It appears that the blacktop was not allowed to set properly before traffic drove over it.

Besides being rather unsightly, it constitutes a serious tripping hazard.

Who got paid for this lousy job?

When will it be repaired?

Deacon Marlon Campbell
Executive Director, Theatre of the Living Word
Presbyterian Church of Saint Albans


Anonymous said...

This new blacktop doesn't set at all. Its a cold cheap formula they blow out the back of a truck through a tube. They then do a couple pats (if the equipment is even working)and split

Anonymous said...

There is no accountability any longer, the quality of life for the residents of this city is no longer a concern for our corrupt politicians. If we continue to let the joe Crowley'sand vito Lopez's pick our candidates then we get what we deserve

Anonymous said...

Yes, but we simply must pay these union workers $80 an hour + benefits for this "quality" work