Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Illegal alien recidivism rate is high

From Fox News:

Roughly one in six illegal immigrants is re-arrested on criminal charges within three years of release, according to new government data being released Tuesday.

Those charges range from murder to drunken-driving and, according to House Republicans pushing out the report, are symptoms of what they describe as a "dangerous and deadly" immigration policy.

The findings, obtained by Fox News, are contained in reports by the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee and nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. They are the result of the committee’s subpoena request for Department of Homeland Security records from October 2008 to July 2011.

The information was analyzed by the CRS, which also broke down the information for criminal immigrants -- legal immigrants who committed crimes and were arrested again over the three-year period. Together, the two groups also had a roughly one-in-six recidivism rate.

The records show 276,412 reported charges against illegal and criminal immigrants over that three-year period as identified by Secure Communities, a federal program that essentially attempts to make best use of resources by identifying and prioritizing which illegal immigrants pose the biggest threat to public safety and should be arrested or deported.

Of the 160,000 people in the database, more than 26,000 were re-arrested -- accounting for nearly 58,000 crimes and violations.

They allegedly committed nearly 8,500 drunken-driving offenses and more than 6,000 drug-related violations. The records also show major criminal offenses, which included murder, battery, rape, kidnapping and nearly 3,000 thefts. Roughly 2 percent of the crimes included carjacking, child molestation, lynching and torture, according to the 13-page Congressional Research Service report.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that we have become less selective in picking our immigrants, and that, surprise, the ones who break laws to get here, break laws when they are here.

Countervail said...

You know the national overall recidivism rate is anywhere from 40-60%, right? 3 to4 times the rate conservatives are quoting here?

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, it says that in the video. What is your point, exactly? We don't have enough of our own criminals, we need to import them from other countries as well?

Anonymous said...

This is news ?

Anonymous said...

the obama illegal immigration plan for 2013-2016 is AMNESTY......IF YOU ALLOW IT....?

Anonymous said...

To be an illegal resident in the US is in fact a criminal violation. These folks are not legal immigrants as most immigrants spend years waiting to enter the country leaving behind their children and spouses in many instances to come here legally. So ask yourself wait do it the legal way when you can do it illegally quickly when President Obama doesn't enforce the law because he wants the illegal ethnic - legal citizens - mainly Hispanic & Asian to support and vote for Obama in November!