Monday, August 6, 2012

Melinda wants to be BP

From the NY Post:

Melinda Katz — the ex-Democratic assemblywoman and City Council member who used frozen sperm to have two kids and then fell in love with the donor, Curtis Sliwa — is returning to politics.

“I’m putting together a team and working to move forward on the Queens borough president’s race,” Katz told The Post. “I know the job well.”

Katz, 46, who left politics in 2009 to join the white-shoe law firm Greenberg Traurig, has hired political consultant George Arzt to oversee her 2013 campaign, she said. And she plans to open a campaign account and begin fund raising within the next few weeks.

The position would net her $160,000 a year.

Served in 2 legislative bodies and is most known for injecting herself with Sliwa sperm...

And of course, for being the Queen of Queens Crap not once, but twice!


Gary the Agnostic said...

Mind-boggling. There's no other way to describer her. She's done it again. said...

Wunderbar! Chust wunderbar! She's moofing up in der verld. Running vater inshtet uff krepping in der bukkit. Hahr-hahr!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa what a great photo.
Her legs aint bad.

Anonymous said...

did not ARZT just dump John Liu ?

Anonymous said...

There she can grace the walls with the other two beauties, Schumann and Marshall! We wonder if her ex, Vicky, from Karen's office, would jump ship too?

Anonymous said...

It looks like our gal Melinda is crudely attempting to birth another test tube baby.

Is it Sliwa's or Hevesi's love child?

Anonymous said...

On the commode?
I thought that Katz uses a litter box.

Anonymous said...


If she adds the Beep's office to her career as a lobbyist for the real estate industry,
she can double grease each over-development project that goes through Queens.

Anonymous said...

God help us all if this no talent hack gets elected BP.

Anonymous said...

I hope she's good with paperwork (and flushing)! :>D

Anonymous said...

She's got all of the developers in her pocket and WalMart too. Watch out Queens

Anonymous said...

What is it about elected officials that makes them never want to leave office? I keep hearing they could make so much more in the private sector, so why don't they? How much money do they get under the table that we don't know about that keeps them coming back for more?

Anonymous said...

They've already got their own personal wealth and connections as lawyers.

Holding public office helps their friends attain their own wealth and power too.

That's why they hold onto their elected offices like a junk yard dog holds onto his bone.

Look at that shady Stavisky dynasty.

Hubby Leonard is gone but wifey Moby will never let go of a good thing.

Son of bitch Evan is too nasty a little queen to ever get elected, so he stays in the background.

The political king-making power of the Darkside Group is where he does his dirty work best.

Anonymous said...

You all make me sick!

Most voters spend more time researching the specs of the next smart phone they're about to purchase, while their heads stay tucked up their asses regarding political choices.

Just follow the party line and get butt f----d again.

After all, Joe Crowley knows what's best for his Queens dummies.

Anonymous said...

the office of borough president!

They've been nothing but graft mills
from the first day of their inception...especially in Queens!

Beeps don't represent anyone but developers and contractors.

The myth that they represent the residents of the boroughs is wishful thinking.

We don't need community boards either.

They have no real power and eat up tax dollars that could best be spent elsewhere.

The illusion that voters are "represented" best by these 2 bodies of government must be broken.

Only the voter has the real power to amend...change things for the better.

Learn to vote smart or suffer the consequences.

When in doubt...always vote to dump an incumbent!

Uh...and term limits for all office, state and federal!

georgetheatheist said...

Hey, she becomes Beep and you get Coitus Sleezwa in the bargain. There'll be Guardian Angel's slammin' and jammin' in the hallway.

Youse just needs an attitood adjustment. Youse know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Not only do we need to get rid of this office,but public advocate..both useless! said...

Do I haf dis right? She vanted Schleeva's spritz inzide uf her but not his schvantz? Was ist los mit der verld vee liff in? Hahr! Hahr!

Anonymous said...

give the parents and children a break. they had a rough time in the preemie ward during the birth of the babies.

been there ,done that....

Anonymous said...

Give the parents a break because the kids were preemies? Melinda's doctor warned her that if she went through with it, she had a high likelihood of miscarriage, which happened, twice and twice more led to premature delivery. What was the purpose of having embryos which came from donated eggs implanted into Katz, putting both mother and children at risk and leading to exorbitant medical costs? She could have hired a young surrogate, or - get this - adopted kids that were already born or about to be born and still had a family. This kind of reckless judgment makes Katz unfit to make decisions for the rest of us.