Monday, August 6, 2012

Love lost at City Hall?

From the NY Post:

There’s been a subtle shift in the 2013 mayoral race that has gone unnoticed by all but a few insiders: Mayor Bloomberg isn’t as sold as he used to be on Council Speaker Christine Quinn replacing him.

“I think it’s fair to say there’s been a bit of a cooling off,” said one source.

Bloomberg and Quinn had once been viewed as so tight that critics derisively described her as a “deputy mayor.”

Most observers assumed Bloomberg’s endorsement of Quinn was in the bag.

But sources said that was never the case. The vagaries of politics, along with unforced errors by Quinn, indicate she’ll have to work harder than she might have expected for his backing.

Bloomberg certainly wasn’t happy that the City Council passed two bills his administration is now trying to undo in court — one mandating a “living wage” and another a “prevailing wage” on certain city projects.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg played her like an old fiddle.

Anonymous said...

Quinn, being used to many "partners" in her private life of the past, should be savvy enough to know that such forms of "love" ain't forever.

Political "like" let alone "love" is just another 4 letter word and as fickle as a teenager's commitment to anything.

Good luck Ms. Quimm...LOL!

Try getting a job as a lobbyist with one of your many developer supporters.

The mayoralty ain't exactly a slam dunk.

And please try to remember,
Michael R. Bloom-Hitler has fucked us all.
Welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...

Many partners in her past private life? Lick my boots because I am sure no one vied for hers!

She will never - ever be elected in NYC - she is extreme left - her followers were always of the extreme left of the gay community whom are not all on board with her the Pol, her personality nor her policy.

Yet alone the rest of the 99.9% of the population she will need to capture - goodbye Quinn.

Anonymous said...


Then you've got
little Scottie Stringer, who is the picture of mediocrity and a former Manhattan borough president.

Mind this:
Whoever wins the big race will become a puppet of the NYC real estate/building industry...
especially if they want to be elected to a second term.

Jerry Rotondi (for mayor?) said...

My wife advised me yesterday
to run for mayor and grab some matching funds.

She told me that I should get out there and campaign like blazes!

Then, even when I lose, I can keep the few thousands of dollars left over that I raised.

It doesn't sound right to me that her opinion is correct.

Bloody hell--can it be?

in an online informal pre-run survey sampling of opinion--
would any of you out there vote for me?

Alan said...

Heck Jerry! I'll be your campaign manager!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, let's see - she's far to the left and real crook. Yep, New Yorkers will definitely vote for her. I'm voting for Jerry!

Anonymous said...

Don't put it past the voters of ny to elect this trash bag to mayor. After all we are the people that made Hillary the champion of ny

Anonymous said...

Thing is, it's all set up to look this way. They are playing the game to secure her win. DO NOT BE FOOLED

Jerry Rotondi said...

Thanks to my 2 supporters--so far.

I'll take a mayoral run into consideration if the numbers increase.

The first thing I'll do is appoint a committee to tar and feather Bloomberg on his way out, should I actually win.

I had once suggested (in a cartoon) that Mike deserved hanging, but I'm too gentle a soul for that.

On second thought--I'll settle for a public spanking in front of the Merill Lynch bull.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Tar & feather Quinn while forcing her under the bull to redeem her wicked preferences (not her fault she is ugly).

Anonymous said...

Whether or not he runs, I'm writing Jerry's name in!!!