Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When an A isn't really an A

From AM-NY:

Restaurateurs that take the extra step of contesting their health violations usually come out as winners.

Nearly three-quarters of eatery owners that fought their poor grade have ended up having sanitary infractions tossed, and many have had their C’s and B’s turn into A’s, according to an amNewYork analysis of city health department statistics.

The data, which run from July 2010, when the city began linking sanitary violations to letter grades, through Sept. 13, 2011, show that:

— Of the 12,503 hearings held for restaurants with B and C grades, 41 percent of restaurants were able to get enough violation points knocked off to raise their grade by at least one letter.

— A total of 261 of eateries with an original C grade improved to an A.

— Only two restaurants had their number of violations increased.


Anonymous said...

+These inspections are highly subjective and often based on the mood of the inspector.

You get scored for not having a thermometer at the cooking area --doen't matter if you use it, just that the inspector sees it. Most experienced cooks don't bother to use it and after a while it gets pushed off to the side. Some inspectors will ask to the the thermometer and if shown one will move on, other will say nothing and score points against you.

Sometimes you'll get points for an inspector walking into an area where a bayman is building a sandwich. If the cook just happens to dart over to get some ingredient and the inspector doesn't see him for a second, he may write of a "improper handing" violation.

There are tons of similar situations, some a bit ridiculous.....Such as counting the number of live flies allowed in a restaurant (you are allowed 12), or counting the number of bandages in the First Aid kit (must have no less then 10)

They'll often score you for a messy bathroom, even when they arrive at crush time with tons of kids, or 'adults' with kid's minds throwing paper all over and pissing the floor.

They score you for structural matters that are the responsibility of the landlord.

My favorite Thai place consistently get's a 'B', favorite Chinese often gets a 'C' and was closed at one point. I still go there.

georgetheatheist said...

I always eat at home where I can wallow in my own dreck.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone pay attention to these grades? I don't really care if they have a thermometer, or if the bathroom is messy. I understand those things as a customer. I usually go by recommendation from a friend. If they liked the food then I'm probably going to try it - without bothering to look at the grade it got first. Where did these people grow up? Did they never go to picnics, church socials, grandma's house? Give me a break! I go where the food tastes good.

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist said...

I always eat at home where I can wallow in my own dreck.


That explains alot!

Anonymous said...

Who is giving out these "A's" so liberally, the Board of Ed?

Anonymous said...

It really is stupid stuff, like downgrading a place because they were missing a ceiling tile in the staff locker room. Complete joke. 2/3s of their grading isn't about food safety.