Monday, November 7, 2011

What Weiner's up to lately

From the NY Times:

But what exactly does Mr. Weiner have going on? Certainly he has not cut all ties to his political life. Recently released federal election records show that he had used campaign funds not only for travel since leaving office, but also for meals at two New York restaurants: Shun Lee Palace and Zengo. Ms. Heller, the spokeswoman for Mr. Weiner, declined to comment on whether Mr. Weiner was present at the meals.

In addition, Mr. Weiner has been hired by some clients as a legislative consultant, according to a person close to the Weiners who had discussed it with them but declined to be named. “He’s using his Rolodex to consult,” the person said. In September, Mr. Weiner accompanied executives of an energy company to an “introductory meeting” with a loan officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States based in Washington, D.C., according to Maura Policelli, a bank spokeswoman. She said she was unaware of Mr. Weiner’s relationship to the executives.

Finding work in the wake of the scandal has been difficult and even slightly humbling for Mr. Weiner. Several months ago, he approached a prominent New York businessman and Democratic donor about going to work for his firm. But the businessman turned Mr. Weiner away, saying that bringing him on board would draw unflattering attention to him and his business, said a senior Democrat with direct knowledge of the episode.


Anonymous said...

he just might become a busboy at the restaurants at Gramercy Park.

then he could play hockey for a winner like the "BUSBOYS" at Chelsea Piers.

is spending the campaign money for vacations and dinners legal ?

Anonymous said...

Weiner could always work for the "Parkside Group".

They're not to fussy about who they employ.

Hey Evan...made your mommy a grandma yet...LOL!

Maybe someday Toby's son will step out of the closet.

He's already got the bitchy manner of a real queen anyway.

Anonymous said...

We hear that Oscar Meyer wants him as their spokesman with that uber-knockwurst of his.

Anonymous said...

He can afford a spokeswoman?

Hey, if Dennis Gallagher can find work as a campaign guru, so can Weiner.

Big Hairy Balls said...

Anthony Weiner: The gift that keeps on giving. Death to the Palestinians! Death to Iran! Long live Queens Crapper! Long live my amazing NYC teacher's pension!