Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Something to save taxpayers money?

From the NY Post:

Relief is on the way for homeowners hosed for years with double-digit increases in their water bills.

The city Department of Environmental Protection today will introduce a four-year efficiency plan expected to slash future hikes, The Post has learned.

The DEP paid the environmental consulting firm Veolia Water to figure out ways to hack $100 million to $200 million off its roughly $1.2 billion operation.

Fully implemented, the plan would lower the rate of regular water-bill increases by 3 to 6 percent annually.

The water bill for a single-family home currently averages $877. The projected reduction would reduce future hikes and save customers $27 to $54 annually, sources said.


Anonymous said...

How much did the DEP pay the consulting firm?

Al Chapman said...

WOW...a reduction of $27 to $54 annually.

Either an overall increase in property tax, sales tax, income tax, electric and/or sewer expenses will offset this supposed discount.

Anonymous said...

As if everyone's income increases 3 to 6 percent annually...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Veolia the same company that's now running Long Island Bus?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me while I pass some water!

Another Bloomberg screw job!

I'd love to flush Mayor Mike down the drain along with my effluent.