Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google removes blogs critical of Bloomberg and Quinn

This morning, LGBT civil rights activist and political blogger Louis Flores woke up to an e-mail from Google’s Blogger service, informing him that one of his principal political blogs (No Third Term : http://no-third-term.blogspot.com/) was censored by Google. Ostensibly, the No Third Term blog was marked as “spam,” but the blog entirely contains content that has been critical of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But not only was the No Third Term blog deleted by Google’s Blogger service, but Mr. Flores’ entire Blogger account was “disabled.” Consequently, all of Mr. Flores’ blogs have also been removed.

Before sending this press release, Mr. Flores filled out a web form, asking Google to restore his blog.

“I ask all political bloggers to contact Google on my behalf, to demand that they restore my blogs and my account,” said Louis Flores, 38, from Jackson Heights, Queens.

People are encouraged to contact : press@google.com

This morning’s censorship followed just hours after Mr. Flores published a controversial blog post on the Christine Quinn Sold Out blog, which traced back to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn the problems that the Occupy Wall Street social movement have been having with protest permits. Note that the Christine Quinn Sold Out blog and the controversial post (http://christine-quinn-sold-out.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupywallstreet-protest-permits.html) had been temporarily removed/deactivated by Google’s Blogger service.

“If Google believes in doing no harm, it should not allow the censorship of political blogs, whose only aim is to demand accountability from elected politicians,” said Mr. Flores. “But Google has a pattern of doing this. Just weeks before the 2009 mayoral election, Google’s YouTube service censored artist and political blogger Suzannah B. Troy’s entire YouTube account, and in March 2011, Google’s Blogger service censored political consultant and activist Gary Tilzer’s blog, too. This harassment of political activists and bloggers must come to an end.”

UPDATE: Blog has been restored. Thank you for your advocacy.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Wasn't it "Google" that allowed the communist government in China to censor their service in order to gain entry into the country?

Make no mistake about it,
we have a ranting, foot-stomping, hissy-fit throwing tyrant running N.Y.C. !

Emperor Bloomberg
aided by Grand Duchess Quinn have just urinated on the U.S. Constitution.

They are both extremely thin skinned despotic individuals who cannot tolerate any criticism.

Too bad---keep it flowing!

Anonymous said...

How many Google stocks Bloomberg owns?

Anonymous said...

Sig Heil!!!

Anonymous said...

look at this 2 comments. now if we were talking about the dragon boat races or pulling shopping carts out of the river on some social network site we would have a dozen excited responses.

finally figured out where the teaparty and reagan cult came from .

the republicans have taken a page from tammeny hall - keep the locals happy and stupid and their government institutions weak.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. No one is allowed to say anything about our little Emperor Bloomberg or his lady?/man (Quinn) in waiting. Rules and laws don't apply to them.

georgetheatheist said...

Sig Sauer!!!

Anonymous said...

Working now.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Solution: go to a WordPress installation on a private server. Bluehost.com does a fine job affordably.

Anonymous said...

Google has the potential to be very dangerous. They are already showing signs that they understand they can control the story by careful editing.
Wikipedia is pretty much the same.

Joe said...

This mayor is getting into everything..don't be shocked if he puts a $20 million+ into Quinns campaign before retiring to Bermuda.
Rules and laws mean nothing when you have 200 Billion $$

Joe said...

"they understand they can control the story by careful editing"
This is nothing. All your TV news, print and online media like the Daily News, Newsday been doing it for 15 years since they moved from video tape to MPEG 4 and 5. It super easy and fast to edit, it syncs right up
All the reporters story's get edited, especially if it involves the Mayor or Illegal criminal 3rd world nationals.

TV is worse, due to new technology they can edit the video in 10 minutes to make the story come off anyway they want.

No news media dare talk bad about the mayor. It would be suicide. Bloombergs press secretary revoke all their permits and access.
I know 2 reporters who "upset" the Mayor with questions he didn't like. They were banned from all press conferences and had to work had to another state to work.
(Both were women who worked for FOX and Cablevisions news 12)

Anonymous said...

Now they are monitoring Twitter accounts to protect politicians, Wall street and big global corporations .
You can bet OWS is one target.
This "Big Brother Bullshit" is getting WAY out of hand.


Anonymous said...

they are not g.o.p. /conservatives. they are rino/liberal democrat /progressives.

are you ashamed to admit this fact ? your delusion suggests some illness.

Queens Crapper said...

Blogger is a publishing PLATFORM that in its own policy says will not remove content unless ordered to by a court. They removed politically-oriented content without a court order for a bogus reason, then restored it without explanation when people complained.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

http://youtu.be/-djDmAAFIwE I did a YouTube about this including my entire YouTube channnel removed before the election and thanks again to Queens Crap than and Crappers my heroes speaking up for me as well as True News being removed all critical of Bloomberg and Queen. Louis got his blog back at 100 today same time NYPost posted a piece on Bloomberg admitting criticism hurts him and he and Koch disagree on OWS. My YouTube slams Mike on pensions, CityTime, SAIC, ECTP 911 tech system.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this. I was unaware of these blogs, but now I'm aware of them.

Would it be possible to get more information about this? It would really be great to get an official explanation from Google.

Please keep us updated.

Louis Flores said...

Thanks, Queens Crap. My blogs are back. Google sent me an apology, but it contained a vague excuse that a processing error caused my account to be taken down. I just heard from Suzannah B. Troy that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted today as saying that criticisms he receives hurts, but he doesn't show it. That's funny that he says he doesn't show his hurts, because I'm now the third person to have cyber accounts censored that criticize Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Christine Quinn.

I wrote to Google, asking them for help to prevent the shutdown of our blogs, and to invite them on how we can work closer. I'll send you an update, if I receive a reply. My sincerest thanks for your support.

Joe said...

As mush as I hate Bloomberg its still a good 50% chance these shutdowns may be the work of a group people who reported these blogs offensive or spam from many different ISP address. From what I understand Google automatically shut blogs off after a certain number till they can be investigated at by a human

Back to Bloomberg.
No doubt he CAN have "special friends" pull some strings.
You must remember Bloomberg made his first billions creating multi-media and "Wall street" software (even the first multimedia keyboard with colored keys, speakers and a mic).
You can bet he has dozens of close friends, ex employees and a source code for Google.