Friday, March 5, 2010

Undercover tape reveals NYPD has quotas


Anonymous said...

Another fat useless piece of shit who took the job to ride around in a car and hook up fat assed dominican chicks.Fire him and hire the guys and gals who already put their asses on the line in the armed forces.Diversity............

Anonymous said...

It appears like sour grapes on the part of this officer. They hire officers that don't speak Enlish now?

I can show this officer 35 tickets on a 5 minute walk in Elmhurst or Middle Village. Folks like this should not have graduated the Police Academy. I agree with the previous poster - it unfortunate that diversity initiatives do not screen or weed out candidates that are not qualified, it a problem of all diversity hiring - and give all minorities a bad name.

Instead of lazy hiring by the numbers - interview or hire 5 black faces, 2 Chinese and 4 hipanics, minority hiring should be held to the same standards as all candidates; this will insure qualified minority candidates have access and chance to compete and earn opportunity to be considered ultimately as a qualified individual.

Queens Crapper said...

Ok the previous 2 posters seem to not understand what the video is showing. The video shows that the NYPD supervisors are ordering their officers to make a certain number of arrests and issue a certain number of summonses per day/week. This is highly unethical.

Lino said...

"I can show this officer 35 tickets on a 5 minute walk in Elmhurst or Middle Village."

-Yeah, I know..and all of them won't look like you.

I have seen this story on several stations and unlike some here I do not excoriate this cop for speaking up.

The NYPD only recently came clean (sorta) about the quotas for parking tickets but this is much more serious.

Issuing tickets or summons is one thing but arresting people, often under false pretenses is a crime.

In case you missed it the whole idea is to simply 'make quota' and we, the taxpayers are the fodder if we are found in the wrong place acting "furtive" -as determined by the officer. Most of these arrests get thrown out without even seeing a judge.

In spite of the stupid responses so-far, I truly hope that none of "youse" guys, nor your kids have to spend a night in jail simply for "looking furtive".

Really this is un-American. If its a police state you want, I can direct you to a few I have visited.

georgetheatheist said...

The Colburne brothers. Sure looked like angels with a reporter's microphone in front of them. I'd bet they weren't so angelic the day they got arrested. Most probably engaged in disorderly conduct.

Cav said...

Seriously, you're all barking up the wrong tree.
Is the existence of quotas some secret exposed or revelation?

Let's try and understand where all this comes from: the top with the mayor. It all started with Guiliani and continuing today with Bloomberg, raising ticket fines and ordering cops to write more as a back door means to raise revenues.
Then with compstat, precinct commanders used increased ticket writing and stop, question and frisks as a way to show what they were doing to address crime spikes. A neat way for the mayor to camoflage his beating people over the head to raise more money for the city.

Increasing ticket output and making index felony crimes go away helps a captain go up the ranks to inspector then to chief.

The rank and file cops are caught in the middle. Between C.O.'s looking to advance their careers and residents who either feel that the cops aren't doing their jobs going after their pet peeves then they're racists who pick on poor minorities for no reason.

And at the top is Bloomberg, counting his money and laughing at us as we squabble and point fingers at everyone else but him and the tweeders.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Every job has minimal performance standards: quotas. Can you imagine how little some cops would do if they didn't have these quotas?

Queens Crapper said...

Sorry, this defending of the policy is bullshit.

When burglaries go up 40% in a month in my relatively safe neighborhood, that means there's plenty of patrol work that can and should be done.

I can't imagine that crime is down in the Bronx and that the brass needs to send cops out to make up crimes against innocent people.

It's not like there isn't enough real crime out there to keep a cop busy.

Anonymous said...

Issuing summons can have a good effect on quality of life. And quotas are irrelevant, of course they exist, they've existed under every police commissioner since the dawn of a uniformed police force. The whole point is to issue quality summons for clear violations, such as double-parking, as oppossed to have an inspection sticker expired by one day.

Anonymous said...

They're just following the Irish system of corruption.

Anonymous said...

It seems time and time again our NYPD is in the news breaking the law. Does anyone remember Knapp commission ? Maybe we should now have the Cuomo commission.

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed those brothers have rap sheets.If you participate in a gang meeting in a public place,expect to be dealt with by the police.

Babs said...

This officer is a HERO.

While "quotas" may be old news to many of us, I was shocked and sickened to hear that police are being threatened with job loss. The issuance of tickets has long been more of a fundraiser for the city than a way of controlling violations.

Our society has plummeted into a moral abyss. Men like this officer who have the fortitude to say "take this job and shove it" are what America USED to be about.

The culture of greed has bred a society of bullies and wimps -

It was actually refreshing to see that SOMEONE has balls!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've all known the NYPD has quotas- that doesn't make it okay.

That's why you read this local blog, to keep tabs on what goes on in your community, to stay aware so there is at least the possibility of change. This blog has often covered incidences of police corruption, especially in regards to unfair arrests and summonses. Why are so many of you suddenly okay with quotas?

Yes, they picked two young black kids as examples- you and I both know black youths are NOT the only ones effected by these practices. Other than being young & black, what is it about them that makes you think they were guilty of a crime? And please don't say "because they were arrested", since we are discussing a story about bogus arrests.

This hurts the community as well as the officers who are part of our community. There is nothing good about this.
This officer is brave, and I'm thankful people like him still exist. I just wish everyone in his city would offer their support :/

Anonymous said...

They're posting that because they are most likely cops. Most of them don't live in the city and when they are done with their shifts, they retire to a town on the south shore and bitch about what animals the people on their patrol are.

Anonymous said...

You folks don't get it.But when crim returns to the levels of the late 80's and early nineties,you'll be begging.Go fuck yourselves..............and thanks for the fat pension,i earned it!

Lino said...

"Anonymous [probably cop] said...

You folks don't get it.But when crim returns to the levels of the late 80's and early nineties,you'll be begging.Go fuck yourselves..............and thanks for the fat pension,i earned it!"

Another literate example of our "finest" (who cooked that slogan up).

You won't have prevented crime by arresting people on trumped-up charges that the D.A. won't even schedule a hearing for.

I have sympathy for cops who are under pressure to make quotas but, US YOUR EMPLOYERS should not be pawns.

Enjoy your retirement in Mookville.

Anonymous said...

Go to a local precinct and request a rde- along.No not the 104 or 109,etc.Try a dump like the 75,73,67,70 ,101 or the 46. It will be an eye opener.Soryy,not mookville,midville,i'm a city resident since birth.

Anonymous said...

It's really NYCish to hire people who can't pass the required tests to do the job!!They don't want to the job, just show them the money. A minority today is the white, green eyed ,blond. Even if this person has the education,training and was firefighter of the year 2009 in their old home town.
A dream since 3yrs old,reaching out & always wanting to help. They attended firefighter school. Never realizing hiring in NY is done by quotas. Too bad your quotas will probably eliminate this person and most of the other people like them.
Be Careful what you wish for..