Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrorist fears for his life

From CBS 2:

Dispirited and near tears, 37-year-old Ahmad Afzali told reporters "I've signed my own death sentence" as he walked out of the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse late Thursday after pleading guilty to charges of lying to FBI agents.

The Muslim cleric and police informant said he now fears for his life once he is sentenced and is forced to leave the country.

Afzali, who is Imam at a Queens mosque, was arrested last year for allegedly tipping off convicted subway bomber Najibullah Zazi to the law enforcement probe into his New York City subway bomb plot. Afzali was asked to contact Zazi and two associates by members of the NYPD Intelligence Unit. He did so and admits he told Zazi that he thought his calls were being monitored. When asked about those conversations by the FBI agents, Zazi on Thursday admitted he lied twice because he thought they were angry that he had even spoken to the men.

He now could get as much as six months in prison or could avoid jail entirely. As part of the plea deal, he has agreed to leave the country within 90 days of his sentencing on April 8.

Afzali has lived in Queens since his parents immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan in 1980 when he was 7. Asked about the "death sentence" reference comment Afzali made to reporters, Kuby said, "It is now widely known that my client co-operated with police against jihadists and that is something that tends to make jihadists angry."

Sucks to be you, pal. Have a nice trip.


Anonymous said...

you are either with the U.S. citizens or against them.

if you choose the wrong side in war time ,you die.....

screw the commie bastard Kuby.

comrade Kuntzler's protege'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword".

That's from another book.

Bye, bye...hope they don't sharpen the blade!

linda said...

lmao.... and why would anyone care. ship his ass off. he wanted to kill so many americans in the train system. i do not feel sorry for him at all.

True American New Yorker said...

US Marshals should escort him there, then have a press conference in Kabul when they land.

And the Air Force should drop fliers announcing his repatriation... LOL

cherokeesista said...

One down and how many more to go!!!!! I hope they execute his sorry ass:)

Anonymous said...

cry baby. get rid of him and all like him now.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth mom says...

My heart pumps piss for you -you scumbag.

Here's a little reminder as YOUR brethren are beating the last breath out of you... 17 Virgins LOL Good luck with that pal ... LOL

Deke DaSilva said...

It's a shame that this guy's leaving the country!

We're going to become less vibrant and diverse as a result!

Maybe we could increase our quota of immigrants from Saudi Arabia under the "Diversity Lottery" in order to make up for our loss!