Friday, March 5, 2010

Talk of Paterson impeachment

From Fox 5:

A meeting of black leaders at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem on Thursday did not result in unanimous support for Governor David Paterson, reports NY Post State Editor Fred Dicker.

Speaking with Good Day New York on Friday, Dicker says impeachment is possible.

"It is a possibility. The Assembly Democrats would have to initiate an impeachment. If the Attorney General finds he broke the law and the governor refuses to resign, there is an excellent chance he'll be impeached," said Dicker.

Paterson has hired a criminal lawyer to handle the latest allegation that he lied about accepting free Yankees tickets. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating the claims.

Good Day New York Co-host Greg Kelly asked Dicker if sympathy was rising for the state's leader who appears affable, but gets beat up every day.

"I think there is a massive erosion going on. All the negative stories are taking a heavy toll on Paterson. He used to be that way (affable) but he looks like a guy hit by a bus in a state of shock."


Anonymous said...

i read that D.Dinkins, A.Sharpton and C.Rangel did not pay their income taxes.
one wonders how many more of those pictured in the Sylvias photo in the Post, are tax cheats as well ?

what a double standard ?

stinky said...

All of them Especially Percy Sutton who robbed the non-profit Apollo of millions as head of it.

It like robbing your own community!