Monday, March 1, 2010

Senate says to give refunds now

From the Times Union:

The state Senate on Tuesday called on Gov. David Paterson to abandon his proposal to potentially delay state tax refunds to alleviate the current fiscal crisis. The resolution, proposed by Senate Conference Leader John Sampson, D-Brooklyn, passed by a unanimous vote.

"This is the taxpayers' money, not the governor's," Sampson said in a statement.

Senate Republicans complained the chamber could go much further than merely expressing its displeasure. Sen. George Winner, R-Elmira, spoke in support of his proposed law that would require the state Department of Taxation and Finance to process refunds within a 30-day period, or explain why it has not. Winner's bill is sponsored in the Assembly by Westchester Democrat Richard Brodsky, who was in the Senate chamber for the debate.


Joe said...

The Banks are pulling this crap now. I gave a teller at Bank of America $500 in CASH to top off a debit card I use for Ebay.
The bastards hold it 4 days to release it to Paypal.
They also now charge me $12 a month service for that card.
Things are getting bad.

Anybody get there DMV car registration renewals? Be sure to take your blood pressure med's before opening it up.

Anonymous said...

government employees salaries and their out of control pensions must be a priority for socialist/progressive leaders. take the nation of Greece for example. government employees costs are bankrupting the country. and it appears that obama's
buddies at Goldman -Sachs are helping the collapse.

stinky said...

The taxpayers money? Are you kidding me, it the Governor's money to spend, he has already proven he can spend your money better than you can!

Anonymous said...

Greece's out of control spending and deficit are two different Greek presidents doing as well as the IMF.
Goldman Sachs helped them try to hide their mess.

Germany has a 200 billion trade surplus and Merkel still refuses to bail out Greece which is very smart.

Anonymous said...

The State Senate should have voted to eliminate withholding and require people to send in checks every quarter.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't a debate on whether or not we should allow government to borrow money any more being held?
You get into too much debt, there are consequences
Government bills come due...raise the debt ceiling.
How do representatives get the authority to do something you can't?