Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scarano banned by DOB!

From the NY Times:

Robert M. Scarano Jr., a Brooklyn architect who has long been criticized by community groups for flouting zoning laws, was barred by the Department of Buildings on Wednesday from filing construction plans — threatening, at least temporarily, his ability to work as an architect in the city.

Two other Scarano buildings, at 63 and 69 Stagg Street in Brooklyn, also raised the mezzanine issue.

The order, which applies both to pending applications that Mr. Scarano has before the Buildings Department and to any new ones he might want to file, came after a scathing recommendation by an administrative law judge, who found that he had made numerous false statements about three properties in Brooklyn.

The judge, Joan R. Salzman, accused Mr. Scarano of “deliberately overbuilding” and said some of his filings were “so deceptive that they call to mind out-and-out fraud.”

“False filings lead to chaos,” she wrote. Mr. Scarano, the fourth architect to be barred from submitting documents under a 2007 state law, did not return calls seeking comment. A spokeswoman, Linda Alexander, said in a statement that his company, Scarano Architect PLLC, “is pursing all avenues available to reverse the erroneous rulings that were issued today.”

Mr. Scarano’s lawyer, Raymond T. Mellon, said he would most likely challenge the constitutionality of the 2007 law, which authorizes the city to bar licensed architects.

In the building boom of the last decade, Mr. Scarano emerged as one of Brooklyn’s more prolific and controversial architects, a favored choice of developers looking to capitalize on rising real estate values but the scourge of many community groups, who complained that his buildings dwarfed the structures around them, blocking views and sunlight. Now, city officials have found that they also often dwarfed the plans Mr. Scarano filed to get them built.


Anonymous said...

The irony,of course, is that these buildings look better than ANYTHING being thrown up in Queens.

Anonymous said...


Not with Ackerman, Shulman etc. protecting his ass from way back... following in the footsteps of Manes!

Why else would Congressman Gary be on the Asia committee?

Anonymous said...


Somebody finally yanked the wig off Bobby "the hairpiece"!

Feeling the breeze on your chrome dome yet?

You'll be feeling "the heat" up your ass soon.

Maybe he'll rat out some dons (silent partners?) and they'll whack him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Tommy Huang? I guess he's hiding under Claire Schulman's skirt. Bar this criminal from building in Queens. Send him back to his country with a one-way ticket. He's destroyed Queens, let him go destroy his homeland.

Anonymous said...

Flouting zoning laws, making false statements, deliberately overbuilding, being deceptive, false filings, etc.

Hm! Claire Shulman's skirt may not be big enough for him to hide under any long. Those investigations take a long time.

Farty Artie said...

I wouldn't want to be under Shulmans skirt regardless of the amount of my payoff.

If she should suddenly cut the cheese...she'd take out half of Bayside.

Mega tons are nothing compared to the mega fart power of this crooked bovine!