Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rangel steps down "temporarily"

From CBS 2:

Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel announced Wednesday morning he will temporarily give up his gavel.

The New York Democrat said in a 9 a.m. press conference from Washington that he sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requesting a leave of absence from his post.

He said that "from the very, very beginning, I had offered" to Pelosi to step down from the post.

He said he leaving "to avoid my colleagues having to defend me" during the campaign season.

Wednesday morning's brief and subdued presser follows the many questions surrounding his political future.


Anonymous said...

Nys troopers and fbi agents are forced to retire at 57.Nypd boots you at 63.There is no reason we should not have ALL politicians retired by 75! P.S Rangel rot in hell

Babs said...

Good bye and good riddance ya' bum!

Babs said...

WHY should politicians be forced to retire at 75? They have to use their brains not their brawn.

Also - I'd LOVE for Koch to be mayor again - no matter what his age!

Anonymous said...

Forget retirement ages for these elected gang members, force term limits on them and make them get a real job, you know one where they can't vote to take money from you and give themselves a raise!

Republicans and Democrats are just different crews of the same faction, stop living in a false left/right paradigm used to divide and conquer the masses.

Oh and Rangel, you're a crook, now you'll experience what is meant by "they eat their own"...sucker

Anonymous said...

Not only should he have stepped down, the cops should have slapped the cuffs on this career criminal. He is a disgrace to the nation and to his people. There should be term limits for all politicians. Two terms -- that's it. If it's good enough for the President of the US, it should be good enough for all politicians. Also with a limited amount of time in office, they wouldn't have as much time to steal from the taxpayers and amass their fortunes. So happy tax revenue is down because there is less money for them to steal from us.

Anonymous said...

Time for tax cheating Rangel to go! Nobody wants him around anymore. Stop hanging on to that job title and get the Fuck outta here Rangel.

Gary A said...

Don't forget about me!

Klink Cannoli said...

My head imploded after reading these two people comment on this. Ugh. Unbelievable!

- "Now he has a chance to go back to the beginning and start all over," said Harlem resident Eric Stevenson. "He should be able to draw some audience, where they'll understand that he's a true person."

- "I feel embarrassed, totally and completely embarrassed," Harlem resident Diane Hill said. "We finally get a chance to do something – have our names up there, have our children see us doing something other than playing basketball – and this happens."

I expect the Cornel West posting as Anonymous any minute now.

Anonymous said...

Time to go you fat crook.

Liman said...

He's been in the House 40 years? Does anyone think he started cheating on his taxes, violating House rules, and pigging out with rent-controlled apartments only last year? He's been a crook for a long long time. Why didn't anyone do anything about him?

I'm afraid we already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "play the race card"

Anonymous said...

RE:ed koch 's return, read "city for sale" by Wayne Barrett....corruption and more corruption.

n.y.c. government is over loaded with the democratic party politicians. do your homework.

the g.o.p. is just starting to get voted in. keep it up.
government has to have checks and balances to have some honesty.

the g.o.p. policy is different from the democrat policies. corruption must be diminished by strong oversight.

Lino said...

"the g.o.p. policy is different from the democrat policies. corruption must be diminished by strong oversight."

YEAH! Just like they did for our banking industry.

I do agree we need checks and balances but the gop only serves it wealthy benefactors.

You really are delusional.

Anonymous said...

And the Dems only support the tweeded.

What a choice!

Maybe it's time for a real third party.

stinky said...

Where does he get his hair straightened? I hope I can afford to be dressed so nattily on my SS at his age? I guess he will have to pay a surcharge on his congressional gold plated health care plan down the road?
Wait, excuse me aren't congressman excused from paying for anything?

cherokeesista said...

Hey, Stinky Rangel may be in Congress but he's NO MAN!!! PIECE OF SHIT CRIMINAL, but don't worry good old ASSHOLE AL SHARPTON WILL BE THERE TO DEFEND HIM GOD FORBIDE HE MISSESS A PHOTO OPT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

not all n.y.c. banks caved in to the ACORN and U.S government (liberal/democrat) politicians pressure to give loans to the freeloaders, who had no assets or jobs.
most banks who took tarp money have paid it back with interest,but obama is not putting it back in the treasury. he will use it to buy lib/dem. votes in 2010 and 2012.

is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going broke?
will chris dodd and barney frank get reelected ?
will they go to jail ?

Was H.U.D. responsible (during the clinton admin.)
for sponsoring loans to freeloaders for housing ?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham who admitted taking more than 2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors who is doing ten years in prison. His local friend Thomas Kontogiannis a Long Island developer convicted in a New York schools bribery scandal in 2002 who looked to Cunningham for help in seeking a presidential pardon.

Or then theres Jack Abrahmoff super lobbyist and now convicted felon whos activity was the collection of tens of millions extorted from Indian tribal gambling operations. Much of the money was used to buy influence from Washington Republican figures but a large amount was used for personal pet projects. Hes spending 70 months in federal prison, placed on three years probation, and ordered to pay a total of 21.7 million dollars in restitution for his role in a fraud scheme involving the 147.5 million purchase of the shipping line Sun Cruz Casinos in 2000. He was a close friend of Tom redistrict Delay's also.

The Justice Department's investigation into possible influence peddling examining Abrahmoffs dealings with four lawmakers, more than a dozen current and former congressional aides and two former Bush administration officials, lawyers and others involved in the case. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas, Rep. Bob Ney R. Ohio, Rep. John Doolittle R., Calif. and Sen. Conrad Burns R., Mont.

Good buddy Bob Ney agreed to plead guilty to at least one criminal charge related to the scandal and a false expense report for a golf trip to Scotland bankrolled by Abramoff.

The list goes on and on with Ted Stevens of Alaska with his ties to Bill Allen of the oil company in Alaska VECO who bribed Alaskan state officials. Sound familiar?

stinky said...

Rangel is the ultimate fat cat congressman.

A few years ago he was in the NYT showing off his preferred car that his congressional stipend can buy. It was the biggest Caddy you ever saw - he claimed the back seat served as a perfect office space to get work done as he was driven about in DC!

Also in the NY Post - featured his private car that he had forgotten parked (he has a bad memory) he had parked in a congressional garage for years and owed rent for it. It was one of the most full sized gaudy Mercedes Benz convertibles you ever saw - something straight out of a Mission impossible series!

At least this guy had a long run at this kind of stuff, he just can't hide this stuff anymore because he has 40 years of it to hide! Now if only Gov. Patterson had studied and listened a little harder at the knee of Rep Rangle, Patterson today would be BS himself out of his sticky predicament. But he is not a smooth operator that Charlie is and I guess with Charlie you gotta give credit that he keeps up an incredibly good front.