Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marty's a glutton!

From the Daily News:

Just because a city pol wins an election doesn't mean the fund-raising and favor-currying stop.

A slew of pols who won at the ballot box this year kept raking in cash to throw themselves inaugural parties - none more successfully than Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Most pols went for modest ceremonies in the poor economy, but Markowitz raised $122,000 for a State of the Borough address featuring singing, dancing and a multimedia production - plus food and beer for 1,600.

"Marty's famous for finding every opportunity to host big events on behalf of Brooklyn and not incidentally on behalf of Marty," said David Birdsell, dean of Baruch College's School of Public Affairs. "The question is whether it's politically useful. It would seem perhaps the least prudent time in recent memory to launch a big celebration of someone's ascension to office."

In raising funds for their inaugurations or transitions, politicians often tap the same donors who helped get them elected in the first place.

"You may have shaken all the trees [to get elected], but these people want to stay with you now that you're victorious," said consultant George Arzt.

Many Markowitz contributors - mostly Brooklyn developers and business owners - gave him the maximum contribution of $3,850 for his campaign and then ponied up another maximum $3,500 for his inauguration.

Markowitz, who outspent a little-known challenger $917,000 to $7,900 to win a third term, was the only borough president to host a huge event.

Three others spent a few thousand on cookie and coffee affairs.


Mike Francesa said...

WOW Crappy. Amazing picture. This one's really worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Marty Markowitz Heart Attack 2010, join the Movement.

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Babs said...

wow. Those cupcakes are GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

wow. Those cupcakes are GORGEOUS!

Can't say the same thing about the man holding them. bleh