Monday, March 15, 2010

Just another cog in the Queens Machine

From New York Magazine:

...the favorite, Jose Peralta, hasn’t been convicted of anything, so that’s progress. But hold the cheers for now. One new senator isn’t going to fix the dysfunction, of course, yet Peralta’s path is depressingly typical of what helps keep state government mired in this mess. He began his political career working for Brian McLaughlin, the former assemblyman and labor union chieftain who two years ago pled guilty to stealing $3.1 million. Peralta was elected to the state assembly in 2002 and, like most of the Democrats in that body, he has been a dependable cog in Shelly Silver’s machine ever since. His bid to shift to the other chamber of the state legislature was only possible with the blessing of Congressman Joe Crowley, the Queens political boss; his campaign is backed by the unions — including the UFT, SEIU 1199, and 32BJ — who have the most clout in Albany; and Peralta’s campaign strategist is from the Parkside Group, a firm that is amassing a list of senate electoral clients nearly as long as its list of corporate lobbying clients.

Peralta has played the election game exactly right. Whether that benefits the public is a different matter. “The relationships I’ve nurtured over the years can help me build bridges in the legislature,” Peralta says. “And those unions supporting me represent actual people in my district, and it’s those people whose needs I’ll be protecting.”

Perhaps. “Jose is smart,” a fellow Queens Democrat says. “But he isn’t an improvement at all for the Senate as a whole. At least Hiram was at times an independent advocate. You won’t get that out of Jose.”


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is why The Trib endorsed token GOP candidate Robert Beltrani.

Anonymous said...

Peralta voted YES on eliminating student metro cards. Peralta lied on NY1 that he wasn't behind the 40 stitches literature but then his office called NY1 and admitted that he did. Peralat is a LIAR and he had only pass 1 bill in the assembly during his years. He is worthless piece of shit. I rather have monseratte because he is not with the Queens machine.

Anonymous said...

For example, that they voted to wipe out funding for free student MetroCards; voted to fatten pensions for transit workers, forcing the MTA to divert millions from running trains and buses; killed congestion pricing, and drained money from a payroll tax designed to fund the MTA.

Brooklyn: Sens. Marty Golden and Velmanette Montgomery and Assemblywomen Joan Millman and Annette Robinson.

Queens: Sen. Shirley Huntley and Assembly members Audrey Pheffer, Jose Peralta, Cathy Nolan and Grace Meng.

Staten Island: Sens. Diane Savino and Andrew Lanza and Assembly members Janele Hyer-Spencer, Lou Tobacco, Michael Cusick and Matthew Titone.

Stay tuned for the rest of the hypocrites.

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Anonymous said...

Just another do nothing Crowley pick.

Anonymous said...

Vote Hiram just to see the look on their faces when he returns to work. PURE CHAOS.

Joker: "I am an agent of chaos. And you know the thing about chaos, Harvey. It's fair"

Anonymous said...

Judge Baltrani should not be considered a token candidate. Did any one watch NY1? He had the best answers. Peralta lied over and over and yet the media gave him a pass. Monserate is what he is, a convicted women beater. There should be only one choice. If you wonder why Albany is so screwed up just look at people who elect the politicians. NYS is so screwed up its time for themiddle class to flee just as they did in Mich.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you flee to a red state. Did you notice the most screwed up and broke states are all blue.

Deke DaSilva said...

Assemblyman Jose Peralta scored $500,000 in taxpayer funds for inactive nonprofit

Queens Assemblyman Jose Peralta landed more than $500,000 in taxpayer money for a nonprofit that never filed federal tax records, has no employees and has been inactive for more than two years.

Peralta helped organize the Corona-Elmhurst Center for Economic Development after joining the Legislature, and for years it was located in the same building as his campaign office.

This year, he and his chief political consultants have continued to lobby state and city lawmakers for additional grants for the dormant group, the Daily News has learned.

Until a month ago, the Corona-Elmhurst group maintained an office at 104-01 Roosevelt Ave., in a two-story commercial building, where Peralta rents space for his election committee.

The building is owned by Dr. Mercedes Mota-Martinez, a dentist who runs a clinic on the building's upper floor and who also employs Peralta's mother, Rosa Hernandez, as an office manager.

The dentist, Peralta and Hernandez share another connection: All were listed for years on voter rolls as living at the same address - a multifamily house a few blocks from the clinic.

Peralta moved out of the house in 2005. His mother continues to live there with Mota-Martinez. She and the dentist also co-own another Queens property.

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Another cog in the Queens machine, indeed......

Anonymous said...

Vote Beltrani!

Anonymous said...

i wonder how Tabone is gonna explain to beltrani when he gets fired ? Maybe Chiquita Banana will give him a happy ending.