Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's not just asphalt that he's shoveling

From the NY Post:

Earlier this month, Mayor Bloomberg donned a fluorescent vest, picked up a shovel and helped a crew of Department of Transportation workers mark the 2 millionth pothole filled in by the city since Hizzoner took office in 2002. But the milestone has hit a few bumps.

The Post last week surveyed 25 locations across four boroughs where the city claimed to have recently repaired potholes and found 11 sites still resembled moonscapes that Neil Armstrong would be wary to walk on.

And while repair work appeared to have taken place at the other locations, nine of the jobs were poorly done or only partially completed.

Of the 25 "completed" sites, only five were adequately fixed.

According to DOT, it currently takes an average of two days to fix a hole, but in some cases as long as 30 days.

When a pothole has been filled, the 311 Web site marks the job as completed.

But The Post found 11 instances where the Web site stated work had been finished when it wasn't. And some of the crater complaints were more than a month old.

Even when it appeared that DOT had done some work, the jobs were poorly performed or only some potholes were filled.


Anonymous said...

its amazing the 59st bridge lower roadway approaches are still not repaired, very rough entrance on both ends. they are doing some kind of work but not specifically the manhattan and queens approaches. they should repave the entire roadway...

Anonymous said...

It's not just asphalt he's shoveling. Mayor Moneybags is shoveling the four boros outside of Manhattan under that asphalt.

Anonymous said...

Man, if only he slipped and fell on the pointed side of the shovel. Man can only dream.

Anonymous said...

Man, if only he slipped and fell on the pointed side of the shovel.

I can dig it.

Anonymous said...

Would love to smack him in the head with that shovel and knock some sense into him.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to do it!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.