Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is Powell getting special treatment?

From the NY Times:

Even by the standards of New York’s sluggish court system, the drunken-driving case against Mr. Powell has seemed to drag on forever.

Last week was the second anniversary of Mr. Powell’s arrest in Manhattan on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, and the case — which is on the calendar for Monday — has yet to be resolved.

One reason for the delay is that, unlike most people facing similar charges, Mr. Powell has refused to accept a plea deal, deciding instead to go to trial.

Some of the other reasons are typical of most trials: a dispute over the exchange of evidence, the defense lawyer having other cases to tend to and the unavailability of key witnesses. But Mr. Powell’s job has also been a factor.

In at least two instances, the start of the trial was delayed because Mr. Powell had to be in Albany for special sessions convened by the governor. On other occasions, Mr. Powell’s lawyer told the judge that several dates would not work because of Mr. Powell’s work commitments, including a 10-day period in October in which Mr. Powell had to go on a mission overseas.

Several defense lawyers said that judges might give lawyers’ clients an adjournment or two because of their clients’ work schedules. But some wondered if Mr. Powell’s case bordered on preferential treatment.


Anonymous said...

This guy is worse than Monse rat.Another asshole with a sense of entitlement.Your career is over,Harlem is getting whiter.....

georgetheatheist said...

Keep the faith, baby.

Anonymous said...

We all waste so much time fretting over the misdeeds of politicians.

Why not just accept them for who they are, give them a form of immunity from prosecution, similar to what diplomats enjoy.

Let them run wild.

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

right on anon cheat,Charlie Rangel.......