Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guv in trouble for stiffing the Yankees and lying about it

From Fox 5:

New York's Public Integrity Commission has charged embattled Gov. David Paterson with an ethics violation involving a gift of free Yankees tickets for the 2009 World Series that could cost him nearly $100,000 in penalties.

The commission says Paterson may also have given false testimony in the case now being turned over to the Albany County District Attorney's office for possible criminal prosecution.

Paterson could face a penalty of $80,000 for violating the state gift ban for elected officials. The commission says Wednesday he also violated a prohibition against using his official position to secure unwarranted privileges. That could cost another $10,000 or more.

The commission found Paterson didn't intend to reimburse the Yankees.

There was no immediate comment from the governor's office.


Anonymous said...

everyone is ragging on paterson, what about coumo, guliani,bloomberg, and the rest of the other political freeloaders. the walls are crumbling around paterson which only points to one thing.

Anonymous said...

What thing? COME ON MAN, what's it pointing to already. Don't leave us hangin.

Anonymous said...

they dont want a blind black guy in office or getting over. people f up all the time but the world cant handle the amount of black leaders in office

Queens Crapper said...

Maybe since he was unelected and followed a white guy who messed up and resigned in disgrace, he should have kept his nose clean. Sorry, but in the age when a black man can become president, crying racism when you get caught with your pants down just won't work anymore.

Lino said...

"Maybe since he was unelected and followed a white guy who messed up"

Wrong. Paterson was on the ballot w/Spitzer.

-If- Ravitch replaces him then we will have an unelected Gov.

Sort of reminds me of the old days, when Nixon was forced out for Watergate and Agnew for extortion and tax evasion. We then had Ford/Rockefeller.

Queens Crapper said...

Not wrong. He was elected as Lt. Gov, not Gov. No one even knew he was there and when Spitzer got in trouble everyone was asking who the hell the Lt Gov was. Paterson's job was political patronage, pure and simple.

stinky said...

This guy is really stupid.

Lino said...

"He was elected as Lt. Gov, not Gov.."

I am sorry Q-C but that is just incorrect. What people "know" is not important that fact is that Lt. Gov. is on the ballot and legally next in line as Gov.

We don't vote (directly) for Vice President either but it -is- a consideration, example: Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Lino is correct on this one. If Ravitch becomes Governor, then he will be just like President Ford, unelected both times. And perhaps like President Ford, he will lose the general election and Rick Lazio will be our next governor.

As for the poster who keeps calling "racism", you really must be the one who is blind. Bruno, Spitzer, Seminerio, McLaughlin, the list does not end. How about Nixon and Clinton? Do you want me to stop now?