Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flake and rappers to be questioned in Aqueduct probe

From NY1:

Former congressman, the Reverend Floyd Flake, along with rap moguls Jay Z and Russell Simmons reportedly will be subpoenaed today, as part of the investigation into the controversial contract to operate a casino at Aqueduct Racetrack.

Flake is an investor in a group that won a contract earlier this year to bring more than 4,000 video slot machines to the financially-troubled racetrack.

Critics, including losing bidders for the project, said Flake’s group won because of his political connections to Governor David Paterson.

The New York Post says Flake, Jay Z, and Simmons are the first of dozens expected to be questioned about the deal.

The paper says the subpoenas were issued by the State Inspector General's Office, which is working with the United States Attorney.

Serves you right for backing the turd last year.


Anonymous said...

This thing is looking more and more like a racially motivated witch hunt.

They want to bring down any and all successful black men and restore the world they knew when they were children, where blacks were poor and priveledged whites lived up on the hill.

Look at these men they target for investigaion.

Successful Church leaders, successful musicians, successful political leaders, a very diverse group, what is the one thing they have in common?

That they are all black men who made it and now someone is obsessed with puttin them back in their place.

Queens Crapper said...

No, what they all have in common is that they took part in a shady land deal. No one forced them to do that.

Anonymous said...

And then this David Johnson, that is another case not involving Aqueduct, they are making a mountain of nothing, stooping so low to reveal this mans sealed arrest record as a teenager on the front page, the NYPD would not even charge assault on halloween, since there was no proof, no bruising, no cuts, the woman claimed she was practically murdered, and yet there was not one scratch on her and then she accepted (or extorted) a lexus payday and they still take her seriously, just to bring another black man down.

Klink Cannoli said...

Is Cornel West posting on the QC again?

georgetheatheist said...

All they want to do is bring down a thdhessful black man...das righ'...sho'nuff.

Feed da hungree. Clothe da nekkid.
Roll dem dice.

Anonymous said...

Have the Fed investigate Flake and how he was able to receive taxpayer funds to build his "church". $10 million....hmmm, wonder why he left his Congressional seat so abruptly?? Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

In 1991

When the Rev. Floyd H. Flake was indicted on tax-evasion and embezzlement charges, Andrew J. Maloney, the United States Attorney in Brooklyn who brought the case, said, "We go wherever the evidence takes us." On Wednesday, a frustrated and embarrassed but still adamant Mr. Maloney found that the evidence in this case went nowhere.


Anonymous said...

I am just hoping for good government.

No one is accusing Rick Lazio of dishing dirt for political advantage.

He is not accused of leaking unflattering info about his potential rivals.

There have been no confidential government documents leaked obviously to benifit his campaign.

He sounds like a well qualified, good guy.

I have not made my mind up yet about who to vote for as Governor.

I hope the two potential candidates will inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Great Jay Z a self described past drug dealer making millions off gambling. Just what Queens needs. Wake up people.