Saturday, March 20, 2010

Example of "green" living in LIC

From the Times Ledger:

After complaints from residents and calls from the community board, the city is removing the “no standing” signs it installed along Court Square in front of the Arris Lofts about a month ago.

The signs, which went up across the street from the historic Long Island City Courthouse without any notification to residents or Community Board 2, were slated to be removed Wednesday after the TimesLedger’s publication deadline.

Seth Solomonow, a spokesman for the city Department of Transportation, said that in addition to altering the no-standing signs to allow street parking on nights and weekends when the court is not in session, the agency would work to remove parking spaces reserved for district attorney employees who rarely visit the court.

This whole time we were told that the City was encouraging the newcomers to scorn cars, live green and be dependent on public transportation and bikes which is why the parking requirements for the new developments should be waived. So why would they need street parking? And why did the City give it to them?


Anonymous said...


The bike stuff is meant for the kids from Davenport. If the buzz is you don't need a train, just bike to work you can underfund mass transit and remove another expensive diversion of effort (and money) away from development.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more grasping at straws from a bitter Crapper when it comes to LIC.

Anonymous said...

Grasping at straws? You mean "green living" is not hyped to no end in LIC? How many times have the tower people bragged that they are only a stop away from Midtown and don't require cars? Yet they bitch about not having parking?

Sounds just a bit hypocritical to me.

Queens Crapper said...

Have no reason to be bitter. I have a car and have no problems finding a place to park it without complaining to DOT.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you post an article recently about how people in Middle Village can't park and damage other people's cars who park in front of their houses?
So if you use your car 90% less than people who live in the suburbs, you shouldn't have any spots in front of your building?
This is just silly.

Queens Crapper said...

"So if you use your car 90% less than people who live in the suburbs, you shouldn't have any spots in front of your building?"

No. What we were told is that if since you would use your cars 90% less than people who live in the suburbs, then you would have no need for a car. What we were promised is that people in LIC - with their multiple train lines a stop away from Manhattan - would therefore not own cars. This would make the city cleaner and greener.

Apparently they lied.

Anonymous said...

The barrage of new cars all with out of town plates of new trust fund clueless Republicans from CT, NJ, OH and Mass that have invaded LIC streets IS TESTAMENT to the fact that overdevelopment is ruining our environment, infrastructure and family fabric here in NYC.

Tell me how a 10 story condo for all of 20 clueless people with 20 new SUV's is good for this city and our air, electrical grid and our mass transit system? It's good for Bloomberg's billionaire developer friends that's who and it's good for Wall Street and their corrupt and criminal employment structure.

The flooding caused by excess concrete and no more natural drainage to our neighborhoods is outright criminal and NONE of the Western Queens politicos have done a damn thing about this problem for 10 years and when asked to do so, ignore you and just let the criminal element over at the DOB just go about their corrupt business. Astoria and LIC are considered a flood zone now for home owner insurance companies, DID YOU KNOW THAT?

It's only a matter of time before Ratner's bankrupt bills will be paid with our tax money and downtown Brooklyn, Coney Island and Willet's Point will be nothing but desolate ghost towns of empty condo's like Jackson Avenue is right now.

Don't delude yourself. There will be no return to the real estate boom market. It has caused more damage to this country than any other event INCLUDING the Great Depression. It was and will always be insustainable excess. It's cancerous damage will take generations to repair. There is no middle class here anymore!

Anonymous said...

Last comment got it exactly right. Yes there is countless new SUV's and other large cars running around the new tower people land which is probably at this point more chaotic than Battery park city.