Friday, March 19, 2010

Elderly Brooklyn couple may finally get some peace

From the Daily News:

Embarrassed cops on Thursday cited a "computer glitch" as the reason police targeted the home of an elderly, law-abiding couple more than 50 times in futile hunts for bad guys.

Apparently, the address of Walter and Rose Martin's Brooklyn home was used to test a department-wide computer system in 2002.

What followed was years of cops appearing at the Martins' door looking for murderers, robbers and rapists - as often as three times a week.

After the Daily News exclusively reported on the couple's plague of police raids yesterday, apologetic detectives from the NYPD's Identity Theft Squad showed up at their home.

Rose Martin, 82, said they told her Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered them to solve the puzzle - stat.

By the end of the day, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said the snafu was traced to a 2002 computer test, though he couldn't explain why the couple's address was used as a test case in the first place.

He said that when the Martins complained to cops in 2007 about their scary series of official doorknocks, police tried to wipe their address from the system.

But the raids continued. The most recent, on Tuesday, left 83-year-old World War II vet Walter Martin woozy from soaring blood pressure.

Investigators found yesterday that not every computer file bearing the Martin's address was deleted.

Se previously.


Auntie Invasion said...

when are they going to get a lawyer to sue to the City?

This is a waste of the tax payers dollars and the resources of these agencies.

If these people were illegal aliens the politicians and uber liberals would come running to help them.

Joe said...

Computer glitch--?
What a BS damage control crock.
Why cant the cops admit the problem was initiated by identity theft caused by Illegals.

Auntie is correct
This F_ing a'O mayor and police commissioner protect these illegal alien CRIMINALS like endangered whales or something.
They should be shipped to Antarctica

Auntie Invasion said...

Auntie is always right..

Anonymous said...

Of course the liberals aren't going to help them! They are old and white, and one of them was a baby killer in the war!

Anonymous said...

"We raided them 50 times because the computer told us so."

Stupid city, stupid police.

Joe said...

United States Bootdello.
Need to throw every one of these MFrs out come November.

This country is becoming another Canada or Switzerland where weenie liberals and journalists roost like locusts.
Computer glitch my ass, there must have been 1000 different felons named Jose Hernandez from Mexico in the computers database running with those folks identity.

It aint over there must be 200,000 illegels with bogus surname Lee IDs in Flushing living 20 per household

Anonymous said...

get a lawyer and sue the CITY and the NYPD and any agency that came banging on their door.

when they have to pay money to these people it will stop

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

It took the NYPD 50 trips to their door to realize they were once again at the wrong home. In 50 errors not once did a seargant or lieutant try to correct this.
That is the real issue- they knew it was wrong but they did not do anything to try and correct the situation - they just let it go on on.

Isnt the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result???