Thursday, March 11, 2010

City tows cops' cars and issues OT for retrieval

From the NY Post:

Dozens of detectives say they have had their department cars towed — by their own department.

On at least 35 occasions, detectives on the job — in the middle of making arrests, working cases or testifying in court — have walked outside to find their cars hooked by a special detail of the Internal Affairs Bureau that hunts for illegally parked cop cars.

“The policy is ridiculous,” fumed Michael Palladino, president of the detectives union. “It’s an absolute waste of the taxpayers’ money.”

Getting the police cars back from the impound lot can take up to six hours, often while the detectives are clocking overtime.

Shortly after City Hall’s crackdown on city-issued parking permits in 2008, the special IAB detail issued more than 1,000 summonses to city cops and detectives.

Police spokesman Paul Browne maintained that no cars were towed while detectives were making arrests.

“Parking placards have never authorized police to park in front of hydrants, in bus stops or in cross walks or on sidewalks,” he said.


Anonymous said...

do teachers have the right to park their cars in school yard playgrounds?
why do the city employees(union members) always get these perks, that the private sector does not?

Anonymous said...

Internal Affairs runs after cops who double park while in court? And the criminals who get hired by the nypd have to be caght by other jurisdictions or the feds!!!!!!!!!

Frank said...

Paying them overtime for their crimes is ridiculous but I think it's about time someone started thinking about punishing city workers who park illegally (on or off the job).

cherokeesista said...

LMAO:) Well the Law is the Law:) And just a question: Why is Rose advertising her Wares here????

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain the prohibition against parking on sidewalks, in crosswalks and in front of hydrants to the Officers at the 112th precinct in Forest Hills? I have actually observed squad cars parked in a crosswalk near JHS 190 where a child was killed a few years ago. Courtesy and respect to the neighborhood is apparently not part of "CPR" for the 112th.

Anonymous said...

Call the 112 Captain direct, 520-9306, anytime you see 112 precinct police parking illegally. He'll get the message.